The Poem “God, God, God” by Paramhansa Yogananda
September 14, 2014

This past (August 2014) Spiritual Renewal Week (SRW) Nayaswami Jyotish Novak encouraged us to memorize and repeat the poem, “God, God, God” by Paramhansa Yogananda, put to lyrics by Swami Kriyananda: From the depths of slumber, As I ascend the spiral stairways of wakefulness, I will whisper: God! God! God! Thou art the food, and…

Have You Heard About Ananda for the Future?
September 25, 2013

One year ago Swami Kriyananda was speaking to a group of youths at Ananda Village. During this satsang, he suggested that the next generation of Ananda focus on “outreach.” As Swamiji’s successor, Nayaswami Jyotish, has since explained, “outreach” in its deepest sense means “to share”: Sharing the teachings of our path from our own center…

Living Discipleship and the Story of Grandfather Tree
August 12, 2013

After being told the story of Grandfather Tree’s power in the oak forest here at Ananda’s Meditation Retreat in Nevada City, California, I became enthusiastic about going to visit and meditate with this soul. Sometimes I would walk past Grandfather Tree on the way to my cabin, and hear him call to my heart. A…