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The Deer of Ananda Village
December 21, 2007

Deer grazing above office buildingsA visual tour, with commentary, on the deer of Ananda Village. Includes cute baby deer!

4th Anniversary of Ananda India
December 14, 2007

Recently Ananda India celebrated its 4th anniversary. It was December 2003 when Swami Kriyananda and his “landing party” arrived in Delhi and moved into a house in the Gurgaon, Delhi suburbs. 4 years later, Swamiji, with the staff of Ananda India and some friends, gathered to reflect on our growth and accomplishments, and to look…

World Brotherhood Day
December 10, 2007

This past Sunday, December 2nd, was the 24th World Brotherhood Day at The Expanding Light at Ananda Village. It is a day set aside at the beginning of the Christmas holiday season where we consciously stop and remember the beauty of this season. World Brotherhood Day has been one of my favorite Ananda observances for…

Fall at Ananda
November 21, 2007

It has been a very pretty fall season here at Ananda. We got alot of rain off and on and then in between the mild storms we have had beautiful sunshine and clouds. The mix of rain and sunshine brought a little green back to our brown summer landscapes. I am sharing with you a…

Children Need Divine Friends
November 14, 2007

Like most parents, I often ponder how I am doing at my job. I realize that even the most sincere efforts by my husband and myself are not enough to do it all – the list of responsibilities is unimaginably long. So if I had to choose one thing to impart to my children, out…

Ananda Bell DSL
November 12, 2007

It’s been over five years since I moved to Ananda Village. In 2001, when my wife and I had decided to move here, we also had to figure out our job situation. She was a nurse back then and it wasn’t hard for her to find a similar job in Grass Valley. I was (and…

Swami Kriyananda in Mumbai and Pune!
October 3, 2007

The last weekend of September, Swami Kriyananda, with a dozen Ananda India members traveled to Pune and Mumbai, where Swamiji gave major discourses in each city, speaking to a combined audience of 800. He also inspected 3 pieces of property that could possibly be purchased for the creation of an Ananda community in India. For…

Peace Day 2007
September 25, 2007

September 21, 2001 was a day unanimously adopted by the UN as an international day of peace. Ananda Village joined in spirit with people the world over by dedicating our prayers and positive affirmation toward world peace. We supported Peace Day by filling our day with prayer, meditation, focused healing energy and joyful chanting. The…

Sing With Your Children
September 24, 2007

Music touches people on a deeper level than words alone. The music composed by Swami Kriyananda is written to change consciousness; the experience of listening to, playing, or singing such music goes beyond the sensory experience, into the soul. Being part of the choir at the Ananda Center in Portland has become a vital part…

Nitai Deranja,
guest author

Spirituality in Education
September 17, 2007

“Spiritual education” is still a new concept for most people. Many adults are only too familiar with the superficially related, but fundamentally different term of “religious education.” The indoctrination and coercion embedded in this latter approach drove many people away from any form of religious practice. Their reaction has often resulted in an unwillingness to…

Swami Kriyananda's 60th Year of Discipleship
September 14, 2007

September 12th was the 59th anniversary of the day Swami Kriyananda met Master. We celebrated it here in India as the first day of his 60th year of discipleship. One special aspect of the day’s events is that they were organized primarily by our Indian devotees. In a sense the celebration began on Monday, because…

Ananda Fire First Response Team
August 31, 2007

Being located in a rural area with lots of brush and trees, Ananda Village has always been in risk of being affected by wildfires. Add to this the hot and dry summers, it is almost impossible to have a year without any fire incident. Year 1976 (way before my time here) marked the worst fire…

Hriman McGilloway,
guest author

The Miracle of Ananda Seattle Temple of Light
August 4, 2007

Blessings come in many forms. When we offer those blessings back to the Divine with our highest aspirations, we find them multiplied, and our lives transformed. Such has been the experience of Ananda Seattle in the building of its new meditation temple in Bothell, WA. The Dream is Born Since 1995, Ananda Seattle was located…

Ananta McSweeny,
guest author

The Miracle of Ananda Sacramento Mandir
July 2, 2007

The history of Ananda is comprised of a series of miracles. Ananda Sacramento has been blessed in this way since its inception in 1977. In 1991, after purchasing a 48 unit apartment complex that serves as our Community, Ananda Sacramento rented a 2,100 square foot doctors’ office for our teaching center and Mandir (Sanksrit for…

Statues of the Masters Chapter 2 - arrival at Ananda Village
June 30, 2007

Last Wednesday Vidura and I went to Oakland to pick up the statues of the Masters. As you may recall, has been a 2 year project. (please refer to previous post). The 2 life size statues of Yogananda and Sri Yukteswar each way somewhere around 600 pounds and are made out of beautiful white marble.…

Mowing season is here
June 27, 2007

“Property obligations, therefore, should be considered as man’s stewardship under God.” –Swami Kriyananda June and July bring the season of mowing the land here at Ananda Village. Many of you have seen on TV news, the wildfires which rage in the western US, such as in South Lake Tahoe at the moment, threatening homes and…

Ananda Seattle Meditation Temple Dedication
June 26, 2007

June 23rd 2007 marked the day for the dedication of the beautiful Ananda Seattle Meditation Temple. The Ananda community of Seattle joyfully and skillfully organized the entire weekend with keen attention to detail. All events for the weekend were sold out. People who weren’t able to get in the temple had to use the auxiliary…

Celebrating the Joyful Arts at Ananda Village
June 17, 2007

“All art must be based on truth and on human nature.” –Swami Kriyananda in his Saturday talk on the Arts The Joyful Arts Festival, held every June (this year 15-17) here at Ananda Village celebrates the arts as a medium for inspiration and upliftment, not merely the display of good skills or clever ideas. Friday…

Happy Birthday Swamiji
June 11, 2007

Glorious weekend! Around 400 Ananda Village residents and guests gathered to honor and celebrate Swami Kriyananda’s birthday. Saturday morning class at the amphitheater was his first public appearance since he arrived at the village last Wednesday. Though his body shows his age, his spirit is ageless. He gave a very inspiring talk on his search…

Swami Kriyananda's Birthday Party on June 9, 2007
June 10, 2007

What an incredible day!! It began with sitting down this morning at the amphitheatre near the Expanding Light guest retreat to listen to a talk by Swami Kriyananda and ended with a wonderful party at the Crystal Hermitage. Over 400 guests and residents celebrated his birthday this weekend and we all eagerly anticipated Swami’s arrival.…

How to Build a Monastery
May 24, 2007


  • 3 monks
  • 2 high school boys
  • 1 foreman, the only one who really knows what he is doing
  • Lots of tools
  • Styrofoam, wood, electric wires, and a lot of other supplies
  • Divine grace

Rajarsi Day - May 5, 2007
May 12, 2007

Every year the first weekend in May, Ananda village residents and devotees gather together and beautify the community in remembrance and dedication to the life of Rajarsi Janakananda, Yogananda’s foremost disciple. We work on projects suitable for every age and talent, such as landscaping, land clearing, deep cleaning temples, fixing roofs of common buildings, preparing…

April 12, 2007

Recently, Jyotish and Devi Novak, the Spiritual Directors for Ananda, were with Swami Kriyananda in India. They said in a recent gathering with many of us:

One morning, when we were with Swamiji in India, we asked him how we could grow towards God more quickly. He replied very simply, “The whole secret of spiritual progress […]

The Statues - Chapter 1: The Beginning
March 21, 2007

Two years ago, in Spring 2005, after the Mahasamadhi celebration in India, I journeyed to Rishikesh with Sraddha (my spouse) where we visited the Kriya Yoga Ashram of Swami Shankarananda. She had been there the previous Fall with a US pilgrimage and discovered these incredible life size marble statues of our line of Gurus. Later…

Satsang on Bicycles
March 5, 2007

One of my favorite pastimes living in this rural community is to be able to go for bicycle rides that could easily be labeled as world-class. If you have visited Ananda Village you know what kind of natural beauty it is surrounded with. Sierra Foothills create some beautiful rolling hills and therefore beautiful (and hilly)…

Paramhansa Yogananda Mahasamadhi Retreat
March 4, 2007

This weekend is the annual Ananda retreat in honor of Paramhansa Yogananda’s Mahasamadhi, here in Gurgaon, India. It’s such a joy to practice meditation and Kriya Yoga with people from all over the world: India, America, South Africa, and nearly every European country. Seeing the harmony and love between the people here shows how easy…

Snow at Ananda Village does not deter the mailing
February 28, 2007

We awoke this morning to a wonderful quiet blanket of snow covering the landscape. After meditation I went out to clear and area in the back garden so I could feed our wild bird population and heard the distant rumble of Prakash’s tractor. “Ah,” I said to myself, “Divine Mother is once again clearing the…

The New Ananda Seattle Mandir (Temple)
February 27, 2007

This past weekend I was in the Seattle area on personal business and arranged to attend Sunday Service in the new Seattle Mandir. Prior to moving to Ananda Village near Nevada City, I had attended the Ananda Seattle church for many years and lived for 2 years in the Ananda community. I remember the first…

A Village of Angels
February 25, 2007

My wife Suzanne recently had a surgery, which she is still recovering from. She had to stay at the hospital for three days and now she continues to recover at home for a few more weeks. The outpouring of love and prayers from our friends at our community before, during and after the surgery continues…

Swami Shankarananda Visits Ananda Village
February 13, 2007

Swami Shankarananda Giri, who directs a large Kriya Yoga work in Northern India (Rishikesh and Bubaneshwar ashrams) visited Ananda Village last week. His guru was a disciple of Sri Yukteswar Giri, so you could roughly say he is a spiritual cousin of Swami Kriyananda. In fact he stated, during our community satsang at Hansa Mandir,…

Christmas Eve at Ananda
December 26, 2006

We had our traditional Christmas Eve service at Ananda Village. Our dear friend Lila Devi, who was the mastermind of the evening, weaved the story of the birth of Jesus with stories, music and theatre. It was magical and very moving. The community center was filled with residents and many guests. The evening ended with…

Thanksgiving blessings, and a way to develop gratitude
November 24, 2006

Today we had a sweet (sweet in Spirit! though there was also pumpkin pie) dinner at the Meditation Retreat. This was my second year here for it, and both years what I have enjoyed most is serving together with spiritual family.

Tibetan Buddhists visit the Ananda Meditation Retreat
November 13, 2006

This weekend at the meditation retreat we had around 50 Tibetan Buddhists as guests. It was an inspiring experience to see other truth-seekers advancing in their chosen path.

Pizza Night at Master's Market
November 10, 2006

Friday Night is Pizza Night at Master’s Market in downtown Ananda Village. From 5-7 PM folks come into the market to buy slices of vegetarian pizza, beverages and other assorted market items from the Deli as well as well stocked shelves. Its growing reputation amongst our neighbors has increased business so much they have added…