Statues of the Masters Chapter 2 - arrival at Ananda Village
June 30, 2007

Last Wednesday Vidura and I went to Oakland to pick up the statues of the Masters. As you may recall, has been a 2 year project. (please refer to previous post). The 2 life size statues of Yogananda and Sri Yukteswar each way somewhere around 600 pounds and are made out of beautiful white marble.…

"Kriya Yoga Plus Devotion Works Like Mathematics"
June 29, 2007

Students of yoga often believe that yoga techniques alone can give one spiritual liberation, or moksha. But Paramhansa Yogananda taught that right attitude, discipleship to a true Guru, and deep devotion are just as important as yoga techniques, if not more so. Yogananda told a disciple, “Kriya Yoga plus devotion works like mathematics. It cannot…

Mowing season is here
June 27, 2007

“Property obligations, therefore, should be considered as man’s stewardship under God.” –Swami Kriyananda June and July bring the season of mowing the land here at Ananda Village. Many of you have seen on TV news, the wildfires which rage in the western US, such as in South Lake Tahoe at the moment, threatening homes and…

Ananda Seattle Meditation Temple Dedication
June 26, 2007

June 23rd 2007 marked the day for the dedication of the beautiful Ananda Seattle Meditation Temple. The Ananda community of Seattle joyfully and skillfully organized the entire weekend with keen attention to detail. All events for the weekend were sold out. People who weren’t able to get in the temple had to use the auxiliary…

Paintings from the Joyful Arts Festival
June 21, 2007

A cosmic swirl of reds, yellows, and blues, radiating out from a small circle in the center Art is one way to help Divine truths become more dynamic to our minds.

You may have experienced this: you are reading a spiritual book, or talking with a person who has a lot of wisdom. You think, […]

Celebrating the Joyful Arts at Ananda Village
June 17, 2007

“All art must be based on truth and on human nature.” –Swami Kriyananda in his Saturday talk on the Arts The Joyful Arts Festival, held every June (this year 15-17) here at Ananda Village celebrates the arts as a medium for inspiration and upliftment, not merely the display of good skills or clever ideas. Friday…

"It's a Blissful Life"
June 15, 2007

Last weekend we celebrated Swami Kriyananda’s 81st birthday at Ananda Village. He spoke for over three hours during several occasions, covering many topics. Swamiji shared a lifetime’s worth of spiritual insight from the perspective of someone who has overcome the tests given to those who seek final freedom in God. He has mentioned a few…

Entering the Aura of Swami Kriyananda
June 11, 2007

This evening I went to the Crystal Hermitage to gather some recording equiptment for a kirtan, and was dynamically engulfed in the aura of Swami Kriyananda. He lives downstairs, and I didn’t get a chance to greet him, but his aura permeated my whole being, making me smile with such sweet joy. I go to…

Happy Birthday Swamiji
June 11, 2007

Glorious weekend! Around 400 Ananda Village residents and guests gathered to honor and celebrate Swami Kriyananda’s birthday. Saturday morning class at the amphitheater was his first public appearance since he arrived at the village last Wednesday. Though his body shows his age, his spirit is ageless. He gave a very inspiring talk on his search…

Swami Kriyananda's Birthday Party on June 9, 2007
June 10, 2007

What an incredible day!! It began with sitting down this morning at the amphitheatre near the Expanding Light guest retreat to listen to a talk by Swami Kriyananda and ended with a wonderful party at the Crystal Hermitage. Over 400 guests and residents celebrated his birthday this weekend and we all eagerly anticipated Swami’s arrival.…