Are We Ready for This?
June 23, 2010

Yesterday was an interesting day. The morning at work began fine, outwardly, but my heart and mind were not in the right place. This showed up in a lack of kindness to some of my co-workers. In the afternoon, this lack of harmony, as if reflecting itself in the world around me, began to express…

Chanting Is Half the Battle
June 22, 2010

I’ll be giving a live webinar on Thursday night on just this subject (which will include a first ever interactive kirtan with tabla, guitar, and harmonium) and wanted to give a little background of what chanting has meant to me. When I came to Ananda and experienced chanting for the first time, my heart was…

My First Three Months of Meditation
June 21, 2010

Seven years ago, unexpectedly, I woke up one morning with a strong desire to meditate. I’d thought meditation was a good idea for some time — but meditation was something that other people did. I’d tried it and it hadn’t worked out. But, here was this new feeling: “I must find God!” I struggled on…

Jordan Matlock,
guest author

"The Channel Is Blessed..."
June 21, 2010

Living in a spiritual community isn’t all it’s cracked out to be. It’s much, much more. Besides the fountainhead of bliss gushing forth amidst daily spiritual practice, service and fellowship, there come truly beautiful, blessed and rewarding opportunities. Such was our recent two-day trip, as myself, along with my six fellow 20-something-year-old gurubhais (fellow disciples)…

One Thing
June 17, 2010

First, I’ll tell you about the play. At the Portland Living Wisdom School, the primary class (first, second and third grade) performed “Frog’s Dream”, a musical play set in the rainforest. I co-teach the class and my job was to sit on the sidelines and hit the play/pause button on the CD player at the…

Seeking the Light
June 16, 2010

Hi Everyone, It has been an amazing Spring here at Ananda Village. It was very long and wet, but the result was a very vivid wildflower season, a very long tulip season and some great clouds and luscious flowers and skies. I have been pretty busy with all kinds of stuff, just like everyone else…

Nayaswami Shivani,
guest author

Swami Kriyananda at the Yoga Festival in Rome
June 11, 2010

Over the past several years, the Yoga Festivals in Italy have grown in size and importance. Ananda has been involved from the beginning, cooperating with the organizers and making presentations of Ananda Yoga and meditation at both the Milan and Rome venues. The Rome Festival is held in the large park of Villa Pamphilli, an…

Serving with Young Adults at Ananda Village
June 11, 2010

My husband and I returned to live at Ananda Village in March of 2009 after living at Ananda Sacramento, California for the last 23 years. There we served as the Colony Leaders and Spiritual Directors. Ananda Farms today… We are now working with the young adults at Ananda Village and working with some of them…

Yogananda's “Higher Mathematics”
June 2, 2010

Often I tell Kriya Yogis, particularly those who are math-challenged, that there are only two ‘mathematical equations’ one needs to memorize in order to achieve success on the path of Kriya. The first I mentioned in my blog post “Kriya Yoga Plus Devotion Works Like Mathematics” The other equation is this: “Twenty-five percent of spiritual…

June 2, 2010

Through Nature’s hills and wooded vales, The plenitude of Thee, unveiled, Drives Thy spear into my heart At wonderment of this, Thou art. Such peace, the like born of no other, That reaches out to world, my brother. No separateness of sky to man, For all commune as One Great Clan; Beloved, I feel Thee…