Superconscious Living
February 28, 2011

If you listen to any of Swami Kriyananda’s talks or interviews, or have the blessing of being with him during his classes, you may have the same experience I do – an incredibly sweet upliftment of consciousness and expansion of the heart’s sympathies. I’m deeply touched to witness the compassion and kindness and wisdom I…

Paramhansa Yoganandaji (Master) Sending Sweets
February 22, 2011

Often we remember GOD and GURU when are in trouble and many of us must have experienced during that tough time divine help as well as protection and guidance. But when I cultivated a habit of not forgetting master in everything I do he became like a living legend for me. Now…

Inner Renewal for Twenty Eleven
February 16, 2011

Last week, Ananda Village and many fellow gurubais from as far away as the East Coast, and even via the internet, took time to go deep in spirit. This was our third annual Inner Renewal Week and it was hosted by The Expanding Light. Jyotish and Devi Novak came up from Los Angeles to share…

Master's Market: A true test of community
February 11, 2011

This month I wanted to give my best possible testimony to our awesome market here, which serves as an integral hub of our “downtown” activity. In this time of economic hardship, the market is struggling to make ends meet. Hearing this, we decided to try an experiment: make Master’s Market our first place to shop.…

A Tale of Good Karma
February 9, 2011

“How do I know if I have overcome a particular karma?” Swami Kriyananda was asked by a student.

“When you are no longer afraid of it,” was his reply. I have often thought of these words and pondered their meaning.

Today I had the opportunity to ponder on those words of Swamiji’s, as they relate to physical pain, through a more direct experience than usual…

Be Kind to One Another
February 3, 2011

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling particularly aggravated or irritable, I thought I was quite centered and calm as I worked on the computer and answered multiple phone calls. There were several tasks to be done at once and I was emailing documents back and forth when the phone rang again. This time it was a telemarketer…

Writing a Spiritual Novel
February 3, 2011

It’s time to reveal my secret to a larger circle of friends — that is, whoever might be taking the time to read this blog. I’ve not told many folks about what I’ve been doing in my spare time lately, but I think it’s OK to say more about it now. For the past two…