Relics and Lessons from Ancient Peoples Who Lived on Ananda Village Land
April 30, 2011

In Spring of 2009 we were given a “tour of our land” by a descendant of the ancient Nisinam Tribe, the ancestors of the modern Maidu Indians. With an inherent “eye” for these things, our guide pointed out signs in abundance of these ancient dwellers who called this land home. He was deeply moved by…

Honoring Good Friday in Dwapara Yuga
April 22, 2011

Good Friday can be a very challenging day to get through, as it gives us the opportunity to identify ourselves with the thought that we are sinners, which Yogananda strongly urged us to avoid. Nayaswami Ananta addressed this issue so beautifully and thoroughly in his talk on Palm Sunday that I highly urge you to…

Maria Antonia,
guest author

Who Was Mary?
April 19, 2011

This past holy season brought many blessings. One of these was on the occasion of Christmas Eve, with the Festival of Light and the living creche representation in Ananda Village. When Devaki, the director of the creche scene, asked me to be the Virgin Mother, I started to think about Mary. Who was she? I…

Easter Messages from Yogananda: “Be a Fast-Footed Bunny!”
April 12, 2011

Easter has always been my favorite holiday. How about you? For me it always feels very inspiring — like a dynamic resurrection from the inertia brought on by the cold of winter. As the plants and animals all around me start to bud, grow, or awaken, I feel like leaping and dancing through the green…

Easter Joy
April 10, 2011

Ananda Portland got an early start on the Easter season this year with a performance on April 2nd, of the Oratorio – Christ Lives! composed by Swami Kriyananda. It began as a joint effort by the choirs of Ananda Portland and Ananda Seattle, but we were joined by singers and musicians from Ananda Village, Ananda…

The Golden Temple of Amritsar
April 1, 2011

Originally written October 27, 2010. It takes less than six hours by train to travel the 450 kilometers northwest from Delhi to Amritsar in the state of Punjab. Gazing out the window at the passing landscape, it’s easy to see why this region has long been considered the “breadbasket” of India, tempting waves of invaders…