Tapasya... Blessings... All is Balance
November 12, 2011

Greetings, dear ones, Life here in India is never dull. I want to tell you a little of the hardships (tapasya) and the blessings that inevitably run hand in hand with progress. When Michael and I arrived in India there were 11 or 12 great souls striving earnestly in preparation for Swami Kriyananda’s long awaited…

Who ‘Ya Gonna Blame?
November 11, 2011

11-11-11 — an obviously auspicious day for writing a blog. May all sentient and non-sentient creatures be blessed with inner and outer peace today and always.  I was/am amazed at the number of favorable responses to my last blog, wherein I told the story of my husband’s broken leg and how we are working our…

Group Discussion: How Did You Find Ananda?
November 4, 2011

How did you come on to the spiritual path, and find Ananda? Was it by reading Autobiography of a Yogi? Was there a single event, or many long years of searching? A favorite pastime at Ananda is listening to these stories, as they are always inspiring, and often quite fascinating. Please share your own story…