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Cities of Light Day 2 of filming
July 29th, 2012

Good morning! So here we are in Crystal Hermitage dining room, where we come first thing for makeup and wardrobe. Here is Sarah Kreutz on the left, wardrobe director, and Elisabeth Granli on the right, who is here from LA to assist Elisabeth Rohm during the filming.

This morning we will be shooting a “point of view” shot as we enter Crystal Hermitage grounds, up by the double doors, which we established yesterday.This shot was done by a steady-cam, mounted on a very strong gentlemen with the yogic task of keeping the camera perfectly steady. Each scene will have multiple shots, requiring shifting of cameras, lighting, screens, shades, and reflectors. Next time you watch a video, notice how many shots go by, as the focus changes from view to view.

And here is Shellie-Rae, goddess of makeup and hair, and our leading lady, Elisabeth Rohm.Believe it or not, I’m actually enjoying the process, as she has such a light touch, and does a fabulous job.

Next up is a shot of meeting Lalita at the entrance to the door. Lalita, nervous as I was at first, is doing beautifully.

Then we go down to Swami’s private garden for a few more shots and questions, and his lip syncing Go On Alone, which we recorded in Los Angeles 5 weeks ago. We recorded him first to get the best possible quality sound, as we did with the choir.

After filming that scene, I got to sit at the table, where they spent at least half an hour setting up lights and cameras for close up reaction shots from me, as well as me playing guitar to Swami’s singing. Quite a show, seeing a dozen people shuffling around you, moving massive pieces of machinery.

Now we are back filming Narayani and Juliet (Elisabeth Rohm) speaking about Swami’s busy schedule and how she came to Ananda. Narayani is a complete natural, as you might imagine.

Yesterday was filled with the excitement of something new, and as the honeymoon period ends and challenges and fatigue levels start to rise, it is really gratifying to see this crew of dozens move with efficiency, grace, and courtesy. It can feel like an invasion of people, but the integration seems to be working really well. They have truly put together a excellent team, and I’ll be introducing more of them in the days ahead.


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8 Responses

  1. Dambara says:

    Thank you, David! Wonderful to get this “live” commentary, & feel involved virtually. :)

  2. Priti Issar says:

    Thank you for sharing, David. We will eagerly await fresh updates. Wish I could be there!

  3. Dhuti says:

    So glad you are giving us this “insider’s” view!

  4. Trish says:

    Hi, David – loving the daily on-the-scenes reports. It will make seeing the movie doubly satisfying when it comes out. Blessings on you, Elisabeth, Swamiji and the whole crew!

  5. Karl says:

    This inside view of the process is outstanding!

  6. Lynn Warschauer says:

    This is so exciting, David, thank you for keeping us posted.Your detailed descriptions help me feel like I am there with you, during the making of this film. Of course, as you will, continue to enjoy!

    Blessings and Joy!

  7. Steve Navisky says:

    Tres bien mon frere, steve and julie

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