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No Word’s Required
July 22nd, 2013


Dear friends

It has been a long time since I had any inspiration to write a blog. A long and difficult eight months has passed with some heavy karma; the heaviest was me and my husband parting ways, and my leaving beloved India. And then we all had our dear Swami’s passing. But all is sent to test and try, and of course all is meant to be. Despite all that has been placed before me I am still in one piece, still the same within, and feeling it about time I picked myself up, dusted myself off, and let the world know that I am back in the saddle…and besides, I missed you all writing to me, ha! One thing Swami continually encouraged me to do was to write, so, dear ones, here goes…

Now you find me in a different part of the world, with another new culture and language to learn, and with a new partner. Fortunately for me he is a native Spanish speaker because we are….you’ve guessed it, in Spain. How we came to be in Spain is a long story, but suffice to say that we both felt our inner Guru telling us to come, to live and work together in service to God. Why Spain especially?  We don’t know, but all intuition and indications pointed this way, so we ‘took the bull by the horns’, either stupidly or courageously and left behind all we possessed and knew, and so here we are, ready to serve as the healing channels we are.

It is a huge test because we have to rely on Divine Mother totally for our sustenance, but that in itself, although takes the courage required of deep faith, is a very freeing experience.  I had always been a planner, but India taught me that if man plans, then God likes to have the last laugh. So now I don’t plan anymore, and both my partner and me take each day as it comes…because we have no choice, but also because it is so nice surrendering the responsibility to Divine Mother.

The point I really wanted to make in this short blog is that, although my partner fits in here like a duck does to water, I speak very little español. It is awkward for me, to say the least, when we meet new people. After my usual phrase “Encantada, pero lo siento…no hablo español muy bien”, I have to rely on my partner to translate or that the person has a smattering of English (I am getting a little better at understanding spoken Spanish, I must add). But then life, always being dual in this crazy world, has meant that not speaking the language can be a great blessing also. 

I have never been spontaneously hugged by so many people since I came to Spain. Now let me tell you I love to hug, and usually it is me that will be the first to initiate one.  A friend once went so far as to call me the ‘hugging Swami’, but here I am receiving hugs aplenty.

This is but one example of many. One day we had a client arrive for therapy.  She bought a friend with her whom we had never met before.  She spoke no English and you know all about my Spanish, but it didn’t matter. Her eyes told all.  We took the client in another room for treatment and this friend waited by herself next door.  I had no further contact with her, other than when we were all saying our goodbye’s after the other friend’s treatment. This new lady’s eyes conveyed such warmth and love, and plainly told me that we had known each other as the dearest of friends before.  She hugged me for a long, long time and touched my heart deeply, as I could feel mine was touching hers. As we led both ladies to the door the friend looked back again over her shoulder at me with that knowing look of finding someone after a long time and then the longing of not wanting to leave them again.  No words required!

Something intellectually I already knew, but the realization of it struck me like a lightning bolt that without the medium of speech we are forced to use a much higher form of communication. When both parties talk verbally there is no need to rely on any other form of communication, but words can easily mislead either purposefully or by misinterpretation, but the more we meditate the more we are able read the aura and able to discriminate. When we are forced to resort to wordless communication the results are amazing and transforming.  The eyes, the windows to the heart and soul cannot lie. They express in one look a depth that those three short words ‘I love you’ can never impart… No word’s required!

Joy to you


No Words Required

(Nayaswami Maitreyi)

With thoughts adrift from turbulent seas

 And bound for calmer waters,

When swirling eddies are becalmed

To a gentle, rolling swell,

A feeling… such a feeling,

Wells up within my breast,

‘Til surge doth marry with eye of Soul.

From the right, heavenly waters flood,

                                    consuming all within its wake;

Crashing in beatific spate of gracious bounty

As thunderous roar ever strives to reach its Zenith.

Three Lords resound in holy symphony;

Cosmic Mother’s sentinels at the holy silver gate.

Ground trembles beneath this form. 

Body boundaries undulate to the rhythm of Shiva’s dance,

O Redeemer of Souls.

Allegiance to body wavers as senses withdraw,

Safe cocooned within Thy golden staff

As cooling light of eye drives joy

In ever-spiralling waves of gold and

Blue iridescence afore my head.

Erstwhile Life enters medulla’s Godly gape;

A force upon this head so strong

‘Tis all can be done to bear it aright.

But oh, the feeling, the joy, the joy.

Has anyone ever felt such joy

Even unto their feet?

This body held in vice-like grip

Of a force so real.

Chest barely moving lest to contaminate, of the breath,

The sanctity of this hallowed alliance.

Ah, such joy;

The message of Heart’s commune so very, very clear;

So very, very dear;

No words required, Beloved.

No words required…



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