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Access Your Divine Consciousness Through Chanting



How to access your divine consciousness, receive spiritual guidance, and experience more peace and love in your life through chanting?

Nayaswami Anandi


Dear Roby,

Chanting can help open your heart to God. I would recommend looking for some of the chants by Yogananda that have English words, which are like prayer poems.

I love Indian chanting, the repetition of various names of God. It might be valuable at this time in your life, however, to use chants where there is an actual verbal prayer included, such as: "Door of my heart open wide I keep for Thee. Wilt Thou come, wilt Thou come, just for once, come to me."

When doing chanting, try to keep your mind focused at the spiritual eye. This will help lift the heart's devotion to God. You can do such chanting throughout your day, even as you work - depending on the kind of work it is. Chanting can be done silently within yourself when you are with other people, also.

Go to anandaindia.org to see if there are any Ananda meditation groups near you. It would help you very much to connect with other spiritual seekers to help you raise your consciousness. Swami Kriyananda is visiting India right now. Perhaps there will be somewhere close to you where he will be speaking.