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Can I learn Yogananda's teachings at a distance?

Peter Claver


My name is peter. I love God and I have dedicated a big part of my life to self realization. i would so much like to acquire the Yogoda Satsanga home lessons, but the information seems only to cater for those in the indian sub continent. How do I acquire them and the subsequent holy art of kriya yoga? Do i have to travel to india?


Dear Peter,

Thank you for your question. There are many devotees who would like to study Yogananda's teachings but who live far from a teaching center. I myself was one such devotee.

Ananda is a separate organization from Yogoda Satsanga Society. We do offer a home study course in Yogananda's teachings. You can learn more about it here, if you haven't already.

I learned Yogananda's teachings this way and worked my way up to receiving kriya initiation (in person from Ananda Kriya minister).

I'm not sure if we can ship the course to Uganda. You could ask a question on the course ordering page above. In any case, you get started with our on-line course, Lessons in Meditation.

We've created it for devotees all over the world to learn Yogananda's teachings and techniques, and work towards kriya initiation, from their own homes.

I should add that, although it is not required, if you can travel to India, it would be wonderful to meet you.

May God and Yogananda ever bless your spiritual efforts, Peter.