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How to overcome restlessness and lack of focus



I have constant feelings of restlessness..I always feel unsatisfied. It is hard to focus on my school work. I want to improve my willpower and concentration. How do I bring back focus, happiness, and motivation into my life?

Nayaswami Anandi


Dear ST,

You sound like a perfect candidate to learn to meditate.

Meditation is one of the best ways of learning to concentrate, and it also helps with will power. But more than that, as you begin to meditate, you start to feel more connected with your true self, your highest Self. With that comes a feeling of deep fulfillment, unlike anything the material world can give you.

It would be ideal to find a meditation class that teaches Yogananda's technique of meditation. We have it available on www.ananda.org/meditation

You could look on ananda.org/classes to see if there are any Ananda meditation groups near you, where you could get live help in learning the technique. Also, at ananda.org, you'll find an online class in meditation which will be helpful.

You do need to invest energy to gain the great rewards meditation has to give, but the investment is WELL worth it. Don't be discouraged if you seem too restless to meditate in the beginning. Try practicing the Hong-Sau Technique, which you can learn on the above site, for just 5 minutes every day. If you keep on, no matter how poorly you seem to be doing, you will begin to see some dramatic changes in your level of happiness and ability to focus. Almost everyone finds meditation a challenge in the beginning, so don't let that stop you from practicing it.

Best wishes to you in this important direction.

Nayaswami Anandi