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Keeping up appearances



Hello there! I'm pretty ashamed for my question. I'm a spiritual person, praying, meditating and practicing yoga daily. But I just cant stop worrying so much about my body and my looks.it totally annoyes me. I guess I have too little self-consciousness, otherwise I wouldnt care that much. How can I overcome to waste so much energy on this issue?

Thank you very very much for any advise!

Nayaswami Seva

Nayaswami Seva

Ananda Village


Dear Christin,

Don't feel foolish about asking any question. We've all had them.

In having them and asking for understanding helps us grow on the spiritual path. What I think you are really asking is how do I not concentrate on myself so much? How, instead, do I think more about God and guru? How do I know myself so that others' thoughts of me are suddenly not my problem?

These are very deep questions and it concerns the basic need to live in a spiritual way. The more you trust that the Divine is yours already, that He/She is there for you always, the more you can leave self-involvement and concerns for worldly needs behind. In this more secure atmosphere you have the opportunity to reach out to others and help them in their need.

Serving others, rather than worrying what they think of you, is a positive goal to follow. Everyone is a child of God. Spend time praying for others, helping them even in little ways, and in this you will forget yourself. You will also feel joy and inspiration.

Joy to you,