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My Child Doesn't Want to Meditate



What is the best way to teach a six year old to meditate.

I MAKE mine mentally chant a mantra for 15minutes followed by the AUM MEDITATION.

But he does not like to meditate and he keeps fidgeting.

Nayaswami Nitai

Nayaswami Nitai

Ananda Village


Usually it's counterproductive to force children to meditate or chant. It builds up a resistance that can take decades to break down.

It's better to find ways of involving them that they like, for instance stories and games that have some spiritual overtone. The classic approach in India is tell young children stories from the Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Books available through Crystal Clarity that could help you in this are: I Came from Joy, For Goodness Sake, and The Time Tunnel.