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Swami Kriyananda and Nirbikalpa Samadhi



Hello Ananda friends,

I’ve one question about Kriyananda, I am intrested if Kriyananda himself reached nirbikalpa samadhi already?


Thank you, Roberto

Nayaswami Hriman

Nayaswami Hriman

Ananda Seattle


Dear Friend,

Swami Kriyananda has stated publicly that it is his belief that in a past life he had attained sabikalpa samadhi but had "fallen" from that state. He never said he had achieved nirbikalpa in this or a past life.

Of course, few are those who can attest from their own experience what the spiritual stature of another soul is, nor, until we achieve it ourselves, what that state is really like.

I suggest, therefore, that your inquiry and curiosity into Kriyananda’s state of realization be set aside in favor of your own spiritual efforts toward Self-realization!


Nayaswami Hriman