Absolute Security and Assurance
Excerpted from the Upcoming Book, AUM: A Melody of Love, by Nayaswami Bharat
January 19, 2011

Communing with AUM makes one fearless. One’s reality shifts from the ego, which can never be secure, to the Cosmic Vibration, which is the essence of all Creation. Ego consciousness isolates us from the rest of life. Those who deeply merge with AUM, however, know, and say, “I am the whole universe. What can possibly…

The Power of the Mind
November 18, 2010

Dear Meditator, Success in meditation is determined by how dynamically we channel our mind and consciousness. In her book Grace, Nancy Mair tells how we can use our minds to attune to the subtle truth of anything we do. Her story below has great implications for everyone who meditates. I first understood the power of…

He Will Uplift You
July 14, 2010

I had a dream many years ago, which vividly taught me that it is God — not our efforts in meditation — who actually transforms us: I was riding a bicycle on a country road surrounded by wheat fields, when a large falcon swooped out of the sky and began flying right beside me. I…

The Garden of Bliss
May 26, 2010

This following story is about you and everyone who was created by God. It’s the story of your very own soul. See before you the Heavenly Father, our Creator. Gaze into His radiant face brighter than a thousands suns. He is a God of joy and His nature is bliss. But as Spirit beyond creation,…

Meet Your Tests with Courage
April 29, 2010

A monastic disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda once had a dream in which his fellow disciples were running in a race. He understood the race to be toward soul liberation. In this dream each runner, at some point, fell to the ground. Some devotees got up right away, while others took longer. What was important, the…

The Joy of Interiorization
January 7, 2010

On Japan’s northernmost island of Hokkaido, I once led a winter nature outing for families. I still vividly recall an eight-year-old boy sitting quietly, intently writing a poem, while a downpour of thick snowflakes fell gently from the sky. The boy was so focused that he was oblivious to the cold and to the snow…

Meditate with a Pure Heart
November 30, 2009

Dear Meditator, During my first year at Ananda Village I asked Swami Kriyananda if he had advice for my meditation practice. He replied, “Keep Divine Mother first.” I realized he was encouraging me to focus more on giving rather than receiving. The goal of meditation is self-forgetfulness. Yet one’s ego refers everything back to itself,…

Meditation on AUM
August 17, 2009

The universe is projected from God through vibration… –Swami Kriyananda “Why did you make creation?” a saint asked God. “I did so,” He replied, “because I wanted to share My joy.” God’s nature is bliss, and to share His joy He created us through the Cosmic AUM Vibration. When we commune with AUM, we enter…

The Vibrant Peace Walk
May 26, 2009

Dear Meditator, Paramhansa Yogananda said, “Most people live in the past or the future. When you can be truly happy in the present, then you have God.”1 This month’s Daily Meditator features The Vibrant Peace Walk, a meditation designed to help you experience the vibrancy and power of the eternal now. Swami Kriyananda once told…

Technique for Embracing Your Karma
April 16, 2009

Dear Meditator, I would like to share with you a marvelous visualization we have been using at Ananda Village for lessening (and even transcending) the intensity of karmic challenges. This visualization was inspired by our study of Swami Kriyananda’s course, Success and Happiness Through Yoga Principles. Since Ananda members have found this visualization so beneficial,…

Nayaswami Bharat

Nayaswami Bharat

Director of Meditation Support

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