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See Peace and Light in the Middle East
August 27, 2013

hands holding world“Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” Jesus Christ

I have used this visualization for peace (below) privately and in small groups, and we have seen blessings come of it.  When I first sent it out via email on August 27, war appeared imminent – but it has at least come back from the brink since then.

There is a deep principle in praying for world peace and healing.  Swami Kriyananda made pilgrimages to many of the sites where the Heavenly Mother had appeared to children, in which she had asked them to pray for the world, saying that some serious trials could thus be mitigated. It also heals us – for we must focus on the Light and not on fears.

Frank Laubach,* author of Letters of a Modern Mystic, retired in Washington, DC after serving many years in the mission field. He was a Christian mystic who believed that practicing the presence of God would do more good for humanity than political and diplomatic schemes devoid of God. During his retirement, Laubach led a prayer group to pray about national and international concerns. He said, “It is uncanny what can happen when you pray regarding world events, but you have to keep it up every day.”

Years ago, when I first read that quote, I nodded my head in understanding, for I had also seen this “uncanny” response when praying about world events.  In that spirit, I ask you to join us in prayers for peace. There are many karmic and geo-political considerations at play, and so there is no easy solution to the troubles in that area, except Light. Other nations strongly oppose intervention, and feel it could lead to greater wars in the region. Hopefully, much of this can be mitigated through prayer. And if war must come, may our prayers help it be as minimal as possible, and also bring comfort and guidance to those who must endure it. No prayer is ever wasted.

Nayaswami KriyanandaFor further inspiration, please read:

Is World Peace Possible? By Swami Kriyananda:

“…The only solution for nations—I don’t say for individuals—is to use common sense. The best they can reasonably expect when meeting evil is to control it without adopting its attitudes of anger and hatred…” Swami Kriyananda

Please download and use the one-page visualization, below. And please share this with others who might be inspired to pray.

God bless you all.

Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry – Prayers for World Peace 

*From Frank Laubach’s Inner Journey, by Nakin Lenti

Visualization: suitable to download and print. (It may take a moment to load.)

(Scroll down for plain text version)

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Mary Kretzmann

Mary Kretzmann

Mary is the director of the Ananda Sangha Worldwide Healing Prayer Ministry, and author of Finding God in Your Family, available free online.

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