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February – “True & Lasting Love”
February 13, 2014


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7 Responses

  1. T Kaaminii says:

    loved the story of Valentine. If I close my eyes I can hear Tim telling it. Thanks so much!

  2. Rev Wangai says:

    Wow what a beautiful story! i never Knew this. Thank you for the Update.

  3. Nikki Grace says:

    Thank you for your newsletters, Mary, they are a joy to receive.

  4. Nikki Grace says:

    Dear Mary, I don’t know how, but I think I unsubscribed from your newsletter. I don’t know how to reactivate it. I was sent a “confirm follow” and clicked it and it then made an unfollow which I can’t undo. So please send me another subscription, however that is done. I would hate to miss out on your newsletter.

    warm regards, Nikki

  5. Primrose Wylde says:

    Absolutely beautiful. I used some of the info to create my own Valentine’s Card. Many friends & family were interested in the real story. Thank you for creating something so inspirational. It would be wonderful to put it all into actual cards. I’d purchase some, next year :),

    Wishing you Love, Peace & Harmony in your day.

Mary Kretzmann

Mary Kretzmann

Director of Healing Prayer Ministry

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