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10 Ways to Increase Your Concentration

  1. Understand what concentration is: “Concentration is taking your mind off many things and putting it on one thing at a time.”
  2. Decide what you want to concentrate on. In many ways, you become what you focus on — that is, you take on some of its characteristics. Have you ever noticed how couples who have been married for many years start to look like each other, or how people often come to resemble their pets, their cars, their hobbies, or their work projects?
  3. Watch other people concentrating. Go see a good action movie. In the middle of it, look around at the people in the theater. What are they doing? They are absolutely still, eyes barely blinking, and their breath is slower. It would take a really major distraction to break their attention stream. These physical signs may give you a hint about ways to increase your own concentration abilities.
  4. Avoid constant sensory input. Multi-tasking (trying to do more than one thing at a time), loud noises, and visual stimulation (such as from a T.V.) make concentration much more difficult, and being around them or doing them too much can put you into a habit of non-attention which can be hard to break.
  5. Make it a point to put your full concentration on whatever you are doing. Don’t let anything distract you. It really helps to be in a quiet place, but you can learn to block out noise if necessary.
  6. Stay calm. Deep concentration is a matter of increasing or directing your life-force or conscious, cosmic energy. The more of this kind of energy you have, the better. Scattered energy doesn’t help. It must be calm, focused energy. Learn to be calmly concentrated and be concentratedly calm.
  7. Learn techniques to increase and control your energy. One such technique is Paramhansa Yogananda’s Energization Exercises. Controlling your energy is an important first step toward the ability to concentrate deeply.
  8. Take breaks. Go outside and breathe deeply or take a brisk walk. Make yourself do this often and you’ll be able to return to your task recharged and ready to focus more creatively.
  9. Learn to meditate. Meditation is the most powerful of all concentration enhancement techniques. Learn a few simple meditation techniques and practice them at least five minutes daily.
  10. While meditating, watch your breath — don’t control it in any way, just observe. This teaches you to focus your mind on one thing at a time. As you observe your breath, it will slow down, along with your mind (this is a scientifically well-documented), and you move into a dynamic, peaceful (but not sleepy) state of being. Your mind will become recharged and creatively receptive.

Want More?

Take this concentration quiz to help you improve your habits, environment, and concentration skills.

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  1. ankur damle says:

    main topic how to concentrate is still mising . i m serching most effective and fastest way to grow concentration which will help to meditate. if we say meditation is the way to develop concentration then we face a question how to meditate without concentration

    • Firoz says:

      I have tried what is called meditation. The problem is that somehow you must be able to concentrate to meditate. I just cant concentrate even upto this extend. When I tried to listen to my breath some other thoughts(mostly music/songs) comes to my mind. I tried so much but just cannot get rid of them. This is not a problem of just one in the society. As a student I have suffered a lot as I found it difficult to concentrate. So you have to suggest some other ways for the eradication of this issue.

      • Nabha Cosley says:

        That is extremely common — I would venture to say that having distracting thoughts is the norm. Some may have them more than others, but it’s everyone’s problem.

        Imagine that you have a glass of water with some dirt in it, and you shake it up. The dirt will get mixed in the water, and the whole glass will become a muddy color. But let the glass sit for a while, and it will become clear again.

        It sounds like you are at that point where, sitting still, you are seeing, as we all do, the muddy water of our restless minds. But if you continue to try, you will find your mind gradually becoming clearer and clearer.

        Don’t give up. Keep meditating, even if it is hard — and learn what you can to make it easier. St. Theresa of Avila said, “A meditation is worthwhile even if all you did was fight distraction.”

      • xyz says:

        just watch the thoughts coming in your mind like a third person and pay attention so that you don’t let yourself get involved in the thoughts. this is what concentration is.

      • shivam lochab says:

        hey bub may you try to do meditation wearing ear plucks and then just slowly observe your breadth.

    • jayeeta says:

      Jst stay calm , eyes closed mind ur breath n think nothing…..if thoughts CME to ur mind then brush them off n try focusing on a light ..create by ur mind..

    • Nehal rana says:

      meditation is mainstay for gain your concentration. . go to some quite place nd nd close ur eyes.. take quite breath. . after one long breath expire ur breath by saying ooooommmmmm by mouth silently. . ohm is d mantra have very good concentration power. . daily 10-15 time wil surely give good result

  2. Brian Ngamiah says:

    It is a nice package but am still lacking the materiality of your lessons, for instance if you tell me to learn and practice some physical and mental energization techniques (7), please tell me some of the examples, a material thing I can do.

  3. laxman says:

    i study though i can’t remember

    • Nabha Cosley says:

      Hi Laxman, there are lots of techniques to improve your memory. We don’t teach them at Ananda — we specialize in recovering your soul’s memory of who you are :) — but websites like MindTools ( have a great collection of tips to help you memorize lists, foreign languages, or other information. I’ve used some of those techniques and they are pretty effective.

      Just remember, understanding something deeply and knowing the facts are two different things.

    • kalintan says:

      U can. Daily 5 minute
      No input no output in mind.

  4. priyanka agarwal says:

    i really liked it and pkz give me some suggestions to concentrate on my studies

    • Nabha Cosley says:

      Priyanka, probably the biggest thing for most students would be to create an environment that helps you concentrate: find a quiet place by yourself (if you can) and remove as many distractions as possible: cell phones, instant messaging, snacking, etc.

      If this isn’t possible, you could listen to music with headphones to help you create a little bubble of isolation. It’s best if the music does not have words, as words would tend to engage the same part of your brain that you use to read and do other studies.

      Above all, don’t multi-task — you won’t be doing yourself any favors; and try to remove as many temptations to multi-task as you can.

      Best of luck!

  5. Neema mbilinyi says:

    I failed to concentrate in my studies my head is full of things plz i want to get them out bt how

  6. sia says:

    nice one but isnt there any more methods to gain concentration

    • Nabha Cosley says:

      There are other methods of course, but we’re just listing the ones we think are most effective.

      Meditation is probably the most powerful item on the list here — if you don’t already practice it, try it for a while and I bet you’ll notice a difference.

  7. sharon says:

    i was an excellent student before but nowadays i’m not the topper in my class plz help me and tell me how to bring back my greatest asset is i have a great memory and aptitude when im in full cocentration mode.

  8. Gavish says:

    Superb if u hv any tips to avoid mistakes in my office work please send a mail on my id

    • Nabha Cosley says:

      Gavish, I’ll reply by email as well, but here are some thoughts:

      Concentration will certainly improve your performance. I also work in an office and occasionally make mistakes. Here are a few things I find that help:

      1. Be organized: Use a task management system like David Allen’s Getting Things Done, which will help you stay on top of everything and not forget to do things. It may also help you relax.
      2. Be realistic: Watch yourself to learn what causes you to make mistakes, and avoid those things. One way to analyze the cause of mistakes is a technique called The Five Whys; you can learn about it here. You may find, for example, that being in a hurry or having to multitask tends to cause you to make mistakes. If so, you are not alone! See what you can change in your environment to help you focus better on one thing at a time. Some things, like unplugging your phone or working from home, may need buy-in from your boss, but it’s worth having the discussion with him or her to see what is possible.
      3. Ask for help: Get a second set of eyes to look at what you’ve done, if that’s an option. Writers need editors; professional athletes need coaches; you might need someone to help you with quality assurance.
      4. Stay calm: Everything is easier if you stay calm. :)

      Swami Kriyananda wrote a series of lessons on achieving Success and Happiness that was aimed in part at office workers, and which you may find helpful in general: Success and Happiness Through Yoga Principles.

  9. S.Silambarasan says:

    i need simple exercise for developing concentration

  10. pooja says:

    plz help i hv nly 1 n half mnth to study bt ny prblm is m slow i cnt catch my sylbs…plz gv me sm tips or any.kind of sugtns..plz plz…m waitng :'(

    • Nabha Cosley says:

      Pooja, not sure I understand your question with all those missing vowels, but I’d suggest the same thing as I have before: create an environment that helps you concentrate. Turn off your cell phone (if you have one), television, music, etc., and just do your best to focus.

      People read and learn at different speeds. Speed-reading courses exist and have helped people improve, but since you only have two weeks left, you probably just have to accept the rate at which you learn and spend more time studying.

      If you want inspiration, you might want to read Chapter 10 from Autobiography of a Yogi, in which Yogananda receives divine help in passing his examinations.

  11. Keerthan says:

    wow…. great tips… it really helped me

  12. Ramana Singh Kshatriya says:


    I am very much impressed with your blog and I got to know the perfect definition of concentration. Thank you so much for sharing your valuable blog.

    Ramana Singh Kshatriya

    • Swetha says:

      I always overthink about someone/useless things….frequently and continusly I always get stuck upp by these thoughts……I just can’t concentrate on one thing….since last 2years I am been suffering lot and even I lost 10kgs and sometimes I get depressed sitting at home …… My husband says if I go to work evrythng becomes normal but I am scared to talk anyone eye to eye contact….how could I work with so many people and focusing in my work please help me and I am badly in need!!!

      • Nayaswami Pranaba says:

        Dear Swetha,

        It might be helpful, as Paramhansa Yogananda suggested, to go on a “worry fast” to help get rid of all those intruding thoughts.

        Here is his suggestion:

        Three times a day shake off all worries.

        1) from 7am – 8am in the morning
        With great deliberation and willingness, say to yourself,
        “All my worries of the night are cast out. I refuse to worry, no matter how troublesome are the duties ahead of me.”

        2) from noon to 1pm
        Remind yourself of your fast by saying,
        “I am cheerful, I will not worry!”

        3) from 6pm to 9pm in the evening
        Mentally make a strong resolution
        “Within these three hours I will not worry; I refuse to get vexed, even if I am nagged.”

        Tell your mind,
        “I can do only my best; no more. I am satisfied and happy that I am doing my best to solve my problems; there is absolutely no reason why I should worry.”

        Then focus on joy as a cure for worry.

        Try to feast regularly on the company of joyful minds. Feast on laughter in the company of really joyful people.

        Once you have become accustomed to letting go of worries, then you can apply this to any intruding thoughts that you want to be rid of.

  13. sneha says:

    I need more information

    • Nabha says:

      Yes, one page isn’t really enough, is it? :)

      I’d really recommend learning meditation, as that will help you gain the experience of concentration. The Learn to Meditate course offered by Online with Ananda would be a good starting place. Or you can also read a lot about it for free here on this website.

      You can learn a lot about concentration tips and techniques as well, out there. Here’s an article that talks about how multitasking is not helpful, about a 2009 scientific study at Stanford.

      Based on your feedback and those of others, I think this is a topic we should write more about as well. But of course the real thing is to put the advice into practice.

  14. sachin bagga says:

    sir i tried a lot,,,when i try to go in mediation i feel my eyes crumbling….i feel my mouth to be dried….what can i do to go in a deep mediation….

    • Nabha Cosley says:

      Hi Sachin,

      Glad you asked. My advice to you would be to continue to practice the Hong-Sau Technique and progress in that way. The technique really works, and if you stick with it, you will find it working for you.

      Paramhansa Yogananda used to say that, to become a concert pianist, one has to practice for hours a day, and do special exercises to strengthen the fingers. With meditation, so many people expect to get results quickly, and sometimes they come quickly, but not always. In those situations, you must persist, even when it is challenging.

      As for your eyes and dry mouth, my understanding is that those experiences will pass: either they will stop happening, or they won’t make a difference to you.

      Joy to you,

  15. mind cat says:

    Under heavy stress when we are looking for a solution to a problem and we need to get that problem solved no matter how, we focus all our energy on one thing.
    in these situations, we focus only on one thing.
    Does our body knows how to do that automatically in stressful conditions??
    please advise.

    • Nabha Cosley says:

      That’s a very interesting question. I would say that’s not our body, but our mind that knows how to focus one-pointedly in situations that we care about very intensely. It’s a consequence of how much we care about them — if we have a very strong desire for the outcome to be a certain way.

      There’s a clue here to improve our concentration: If we are deeply interested in something, if we care about it, then our mind will focus naturally. In fact, it may be hard to think about anything else!

  16. Samvedhna says:

    when i try to concentrate on one point, many things and past bad experiences come in my mind, the comments of others disturb me and they get stored into my mind and occurs every now and then thereby reducing my efficiency. At last, it’s only the regret that lefts. Kindly assist how to get rid of this situation.

    • Nabha Cosley says:

      Good question. Our minds can be very unruly creatures — that’s why good meditation techniques usually give you something to concentrate your mind on, like the breath.

      Negative thinking can be a big drain on energy. When something comes up, change your focus instead to the positive — for example with a positive affirmation that you can memorize, like “I leave behind me both my failures and accomplishments. What I do today will create a new and better future, filled with inner joy.”

      Or, look for something to be grateful about from the experience.

      If you regret your own actions and have faith in God, reflect that maybe things happened the way they did for a reason. Ultimately regret won’t help you.

      We can’t always control our thoughts, but we do have a choice as to how to respond to them.

  17. salim shrestha says:

    please help me.
    i want to read and secure best marks at my exams. but when i start to read ifeel asleep or i cannot concerntrate in my book.what should i do for that?

    • Nabha Cosley says:

      Hi Salim, there are many things you can do to improve your concentration while studying. Check out some of the other comments here for answers to people who have asked pretty much the same question.

  18. Priyansha says:

    I guess aromatherapy helps in improving your concentration levels to a great extent. I buy Aroma products mostly from Cycle Pure brand and make sure I lit the incense sticks before starting off meditation. It helps me open up my senses and meditate with better concentration. I have heard a lot of people doing off while meditation, by following this technique you can get rid of that as well. And also aromatherapy and meditation have a lot of health benefits.

  19. harneesh kaur says:

    Iam a stuent.Plz can you suggest me any way to keep off negative energy and create and create a positive environment to concentrate on my studies and to remain peacefully. Plz can send comment as early as possible

    • Nabha Cosley says:

      Hi Harneesh, Paramhansa Yogananda said that “environment is stronger than will power.” How you create that environment has to depend a lot on what the possibilities are and what your current situation is, but you should try to aim for something like this:

      – quiet
      – no one else there (if possible)
      – no distractions — e.g. turn off your cellphone if necessary
      – choose maybe an hour at a time to concentrate, then take a short break (look up “Pomodoro technique” for more information)

      You may have to make some sacrifices to have this work, but it will be worth it once you find the right setup for you!

      • mak says:

        sir i am a ca final student ..inspite of preparing well for the exams i am not abe to perform well in my exams..i think this is because of low concentration ..i am thinking to change my studying methods ..pls suggest .

  20. Abhishek says:

    Always I am tryng to concentrate on studies ,but I failed to do so .If I read one paragrph by putng my best efforts aftrer 3 to 5 mins I frget all & failed to remember and concentrate further

  21. Lama Surya Das says:

    Concentration requires a great amount of effort and time. Improve your concentration and focus with meditate. The practice of meditation will definitely improve your powers of concentration. A daily period of meditation gives us the chance to work specifically on concentration techniques.

  22. gunanidhi says:

    Nice points sir and have gone carefully. Sir, want to know that though reading with written communication sometimes I forget the beginning , on looking to the question i flash back that i have prepared throught, but faces difficult in starting because i could could flash back the starting, pl. advice how to keep up the memory.

  23. romel says:

    nice points

    • Anu says:

      i also tried to cocentrate ,,,but oll d recent hapng keep moving in ma mind at dat moment …so it create prblm to concentrate plzzzz tell me andr facts that i cn cncntrte

  24. saurabh jain says:

    sir, i m really inspired by your methods for concentrations. But i want to know when and at what time of the day we can practice meditations

    • Nabha Cosley says:

      Briefly: any time that works for you! That is, any time that you can consistently meditate at is the best time.

      For many people this is after they wake up and before they go to sleep; or instead of before sleep, perhaps immediately after work, if you have trouble getting tired as you meditate. Some people also like to meditate at noon.

      Paramhansa Yogananda also said that especially good times to meditate are at 6:00 am (sunrise), noon, 6:00 pm (sunset), and midnight. I also find it easier to go deep in meditation earlier than 6:00 am or after about 9:30 pm, when most people are sleeping — but I’m not often awake and meditating at those times currently.

      Experiment, and see what works best and is sustainable for you.

  25. SUNIL YADAV says:

    thnaks for these points.


    i ll implement thises in my life.


  26. latha says:

    i m happy in ways of increase concentration

  27. abinaya says:

    how to take a break in the middle of a class

    • Nabha Cosley says:

      Hah! Well, that might not go over well with some teachers, even if it could help you learn better.

      Depending on the class, a teacher might let you do quiet exercises in the back, which would help refocus your mind, and has been shown by research to improve learning (so I understand). It’s worth a try, at least.

      Failing that, the best thing is probably to take relaxing breaks between classes and focus as well as you can during the class. If a class is too much, and you find your mind wandering, you could wander with it, and do a breathing exercise for a minute. Then lead your attention back to the matter at hand.

      Interest is key. Try to be dynamically interested in what you are learning. Think about it in different ways. Ask questions that haven’t occurred to anyone else.

      Experiment. Everyone is unique, and you’ll need to find what works best for you.

  28. Ashish samal says:

    How concentration is related to determination.

  29. Denzil says:

    Looking for ways to motivate distressed and unsure futures staff.
    What practical ways can i do this?

  30. Harsh Vardhan says:

    I wanted to that how i can get rid off distrations during studies . At examination time i am always distracted by some or the other thoughts running in my mind and thats why i make mistakes.

  31. Sai teja says:

    Awesome man it really helps me to concentrate

  32. Muhammad says:

    Stress in life may cause concentration difficulties
    My mind need to be more peaceful especially when dealing with anxious people
    Do you have modern suggestions?

    • Nabha Cosley says:

      Hi Muhammad, that’s an interesting question. Paramhansa Yogananda spoke of how people each have their own magnetism — and stronger magnetism, he said, always influences the weaker magnetism.

      What it sounds like you could work on is making your peacefulness stronger and more magnetic. The best way to do this, which is ancient as well as very modern, is meditation. We have meditation techniques that we teach on this website, or you can use another that you are familiar with.

      If you practice it correctly, you will find that meditation is very active, not a passive technique. When your mind becomes accustomed to being peaceful, you may find that peace affecting others as well.

      Here’s one more thing you can try:

      When with people who are anxious, consciously project an aura of peacefulness. You can visualize it as a sphere of peace, emanating from your heart and filling the room. Anxiousness, then, will not have the same power to influence you.

  33. aditya says:

    I’m a good dancer. But i can’t remember choreography. I forget what’s next. How to improve?

    • Pavani says:

      Dear Aditya,

      There isn’t one simple answer for how to remember choreography as it involves not only concentration but also memorization.

      Here are a few suggestions I can share from my own experience as a dancer who has also had to work at remembering movement.

      Two aspects I find helpful to focus on are my state of awareness and what physical senses I am using to activate memory.

      Something interesting to experiment with is to expand your awareness first before concentrating on memorization.

      My own experience is that when my energy becomes bigger than my body and mind I am better able to process and connect information. In that expanded state of awareness I am more relaxed and able to concentrate without tension.

      How to do it? This is where experimentation comes in. I suggest looking at Swami Kriyananda’s book, Awaken to Superconsciousness as it gives practical concepts and visualizations to try.

      What works for me is to first focus my attention at the point between the eyebrows. Then, for a moment, while still looking forward and slightly up, I use my peripheral vision to expand my awareness beyond both sides of my body. I try to maintain this sense of a broader space around me while bringing my attention to whatever is to be focused on.

      The second aspect involves using more than one physical sense to memorize choreography. For example, I might see the movement in my mind (visual), use words to describe it such as “step side, cross front, step side, cross back” (auditory), and register how it feels in my body (kinesthetic). Sometimes, I will gently tap my arm or thigh to help my body remember to go right or left.

      If I am memorizing for performance then the goal is to go beyond mental memory into physical memory. If I can go through the choreography on my own while thinking about something else, then I know it’s been memorized on a cellular level. Visualizing the movement right before I go to sleep or when I first wake up can speed this process.

      Also for performance: memorizing the music so that you can hear it in your mind will help you remember the movement more easily. Mikhail Baryshnikov, the great Russian dancer, said that he memorized the music before learning the choreography.

      As with everything, it takes practice and patience with yourself. Try to find your strengths and use them – are you more visual, auditory or kinesthetic? Do you easily feel the timing/rhythm? Do you naturally map out where the movement goes through space?

      Although there is no one simple answer, the good news is that there are many possible tools to experiment with. Any effort you make to improve your concentration and ability to memorize choreography will help develop the relaxed, dynamic focus needed for spiritual practices. Meditation will in turn strengthen your experience of an expanded awareness that will draw superconscious assistance and solutions for dance and for everything in life.

  34. Rob says:

    Hey Ankur Damle! Although I think this is a great list, I believe that for your purposes, the most efficient way of increasing concentration is going to be fasting. Either a water fast, or a juice fast, so long as you focus on greens and other low glycemic herbs and fruits like ginger and lemons. If you’re looking for mental clarity and/or seeking God try this.

    And this is a great site for help on increasing concentration in general. It’s more focused on the dietary approach…

  35. Arathi Shastry says:

    very simple yet effective way of making people know about the concentration…

    • Arathi Shastry says:

      According to me the concentration is the feeling of being secured, and kind of inertia where in no worries intrude., in the mind,as long as at least the solitude is lost. This article is good, but should hv been little eloborative..I am a follower of Yogananda paramahamsa.. I like his conceptual thoughts supported by the scine.

  36. molly says:

    Does dislexia play a roll in ability to concentrate?

    • Nabha Cosley says:

      Hi Molly, that’s more of a medical question that we aren’t really qualified to answer, but doing a quick search for “dyslexia concentration” on Google seems to show that yes, dyslexia can make it harder to concentrate. This article on Huffington Post quotes a person diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD as saying,

      Yoga has been an amazing tool for me. The physical practice has helped me maintain my body and given me strength, but the meditation aspect has been incredibly useful in stilling my mind, clearing the traffic that goes on in a chaotic mind like mine.

      I hope that helps — even if it is nothing more than a starting place for further research.

  37. Paul says:

    Over the last several months I have noticed a less sharp concentration and short time
    memory loss, immediate recollection does not occur spontaneously. It is now obvious
    that concentration has become very important.

  38. pravat sahoo says:

    how increase the brain is 100% concentration brain automatically think more & more.not control.

  39. Mansa says:

    Hello. I’m a 2pu student,my concentration is lacking so much . Please do suggest me how to get more concentration on studies.

    • Nabha Cosley says:

      Hi Mansa —

      Long-term, meditation is going to help you the most. Even with five minutes of meditation each day, you ought to see some benefit. But more practice will help you more of course.

      Short-term, you could also try the Pomodoro Technique. It is super-simple to apply and has helped a lot of people. I have to confess though that I haven’t used it myself.

      I hope this helps!

  40. sharon rose says:

    good advice

  41. Vijay says:

    Have to improve my concentration and focus.have to negate fear of claustraphobia and air travel.

    • harish says:

      i have gone through above replies (some of them though), it looks nabha cosley is patiently replying for every questions. that was put on. i would like to thank him.

      coming to my questions. (i am 24)
      1. what would be the best sleeping hours & how many hours would be more fruitful. (i am an intern who needs to learn lot initially)
      2. i prefer getting up early in the morning @ 4:50 AM. and go to bed @ 10 PM when should i do meditation and i need to manage GYM also ?


      • Nabha Cosley says:

        Hi Harish, I hear that if you’re a medical intern, you may not have a lot of freedom to get as much sleep as you need! One of our ministers at Ananda had just started meditating and practicing Kriya Yoga when he began his residency at a hospital. At the end of the residency, he was moving out of his apartment and noticed a greasy stain on the wall next to where he meditated — it turned out that he was so tired he had been falling asleep while seated for meditation.

        But still, after that year, Swami Kriyananda told him to increase the number of kriyas he was practicing each day — a sign that even if his meditations weren’t deep (or even conscious, always), the effort was still moving him in a good direction.

        Yogananda said that people need only seven hours of sleep, but I have to confess that I’ve tried that and personally seem to need nine hours. So you could try for seven, but keep in mind that everyone is unique. Some people can get away with less than seven — just watch yourself and try to find the best balance.

        With the schedule, I think most people find it easiest to meditate soon after they wake up and soon before they go to sleep. (Some people also choose to meditate before dinner instead of before sleep, in the evening.) Creating the habit of meditation is extremely important and those are usually the easiest times to be consistent.

        However, whatever time works for you will be the best time. Even if you can only meditate a little while, do that, and you will find that you are still building momentum.

        Sorry for the slow response, I’ve been traveling and it was hard to answer earlier. Hope this helps.

  42. Mohammedimran says:

    I am not having concentration power still I am trying to do but not

  43. Daniel says:

    I find this article useful, but redaction is not the best i had find, you cannot rely on scientific documented postures while talking about metaphisycs such as yoga, or this cosmic energy whatsoever; I’ll suggest you to rely only in one matter, as concentration itself must.

  44. sahil mehra says:

    while studing iam not able to focus many times negative thoughts which are not true surrounds me nd since i have boards thid year so iam very worried about this .. Plz suggest me something to get out of this problem

    • Nabha Cosley says:

      Hi Sahil, I’m sorry to hear that you are having trouble with negative thoughts. I know what you are going through.

      There are a few techniques you could use, but I’ll share with you my favorite:

      When you have a negative thought, immediately think of something positive instead — perhaps something in your life that you are grateful for. This will not only replace the thought but create a mental environment where negative thoughts are less likely to dwell.

      Don’t try to think the thoughts away. Paramhansa Yogananda said that you can’t beat darkness out of a room with a stick! — you have to turn on the light, and then the darkness vanishes as though it had never been.

      “Turning on the light” in this case means meditation and other spiritual practices. Start to see life in a new, more positive way, and over time you will find the negative thoughts falling by the wayside.

  45. Manesh ms says:

    thank u so much.

  46. anindita chakraborty says:

    These all r actually quite known matter to people,what we actually want to know is, the key method to get concentrated very swiftly..

  47. Sachin Vakode says:

    thank u so much for being a such helpful tips

  48. MANSOOR says:

    When doing meditation, is it helpful to listen to music? [Edited by staff for understandability]

    • Nabha Cosley says:

      Music can be a great help for changing our consciousness in a positive way, but generally, if you are meditating, you will want to be turning your attention away from the senses, rather than towards them. Paramhansa Yogananda defined meditation as “concentration on God or one of his aspects.” You could only go so deep listening to music, until the music became an obstruction and a distraction. So, better to forgo it for the most part, during your actual meditation time.

      I think occasionally it can be fine, though, for example if you’re having a very challenging meditation some morning or evening.

  49. Vikrant Adhikary says:

    This is not special something but i think that it is enough if one do that then no one stop him/her to do some deep concentration

  50. Narendra rawat says:

    It Is Nyc but is not totally helpful for me as its all based on meditation ….
    & meditation witout concentration ?????

  51. Farha mhmd says:

    Its good
    but i want to know more tips to concetrate.
    The main content is still missing

    • Adele rai says:

      Really appreciate your great tips to develop concentration but my issue is quite big here. Would you please recommend another tip rather than meditation please. Recently, I have started to study on my own without sharing study table with friends and its really difficult for me to concentrate and study. So what is the best solution? please provide me with great tip that can change this I would be really grateful towards you.

  52. Dr. manish patil says:

    Come to india , do 10 day meditation course at dhammagiri, igatpuri, dst.nasik in state maharashtra . They ll teach you vipassana , same maditation expland in point 10 above. It is developed by lord buddha, preserved in myanmar, shree satyanarayan goyenka brought it back to india,it is helping tousands of people ,serving for peace.

  53. tejjj says:

    whenever i starts studing….ican not concentrate immediately.. plese help us..

  54. manisha says:

    i just hope, this helps me out…

  55. Ashutosh says:

    This year i have my 12 exams and i am not able to concentrate in theory subjects like business studies and macro economics . Various kind of stupid thoughts came into my mind whenever i start learning . My concentration level is zero . Two months are left for my exams . Need a strong technique to concentrate . Please reply fast. Waiting……

  56. Ashutosh says:

    This year i have my 12 exams and i am not able to concentrate in theory subjects like business studies and macro economics . Various kind of stupid thoughts came into my mind whenever i start learning . My concentration level is zero . Two months are left for my exams . Need a strong technique to concentrate . Please reply fast. Waiting……

  57. KSHITIJ says:

    it true all the things i like all of these techniches but some techniquies doesnt work

  58. karan desai says:

    I am in 2 year of degree electrical engg. My problem is that i already read lots of artical abought How to focus , Etc . But i failed to find out effectly way to focus and also to consentrate mind . Show me right way ………

  59. Daeron says:

    To nr. 9 and 10 I would add that it is also very beneficial to practice concentration meditation on some external object like a candle or a bowl, or even a pen or a spoon (it doesn’t really matter). Because if you are trying to increase your concentration on things that are ‘outside’ of yourself, it makes sense that you practice concentration meditation on object ‘outside’ as well, as opposed to the breath.
    This can go to a point where you actually feel one with whatever you are concentrating on, and that is what you are ultimately going for. To be so caught up in what you are concentrating on that you obtain a ‘flow’ like state.
    Another way of achieving the same is to learn to become conscious (or concentrate on) the one thing in you that comes before all others, your pure naked consciousness, before the contents it’s filled with. If you learn to become more in touch with that, concentration comes naturally. If interested I wrote this meditation article about the Ramana Maharshi technique not too long ago.

  60. D_G says:

    Ihave a very bad problem : some vain and negative thoughts make my mind busy and when i want to study my lessons i can’t concentrate on my lesson and i lose my motivation to improve
    please help me:-)

    • Nabha Cosley says:

      Hi D_G, don’t take it too badly if you have difficulty concentrating.

      Paramhansa Yogananda said, “You cannot drive sin out of the mind any more than you can beat darkness out of a room with a stick. By concentration on delusion, indeed, you may only increase its hold on your mind. Bring in the light of God, however, through deep meditation and devotion, and the darkness will vanish as though it had never been.”

      So it will be with your negative thoughts. If you improve your state of consciousness, through meditation and other spiritual practices, you will find yourself slowly becoming a new person, thinking in new ways. If you dedicate yourself to self-improvement in this way, you may look back in a few years and wonder, “How could I have thought that way before? How could I have acted that way?” I’ve felt that so many times in myself, and continue to experience it anew after 11 years of meditation.

      In the meantime, don’t give up or feel discouraged. That is only more negative thinking, you know! Consider using affirmations, or instead of saying, “I’ve failed,” simply tell yourself, “I haven’t yet succeeded. Next time, I will do better.” Never give up.

      Finally, you may enjoy this article: Always Look to the Light, by Paramhansa Yogananda.

      Best wishes and good luck.

  61. shreya24 says:

    good thnks for the help!

  62. P C Sharma says:

    These are the very good techniques if persons were able to depute himself on these techniques uninterruptedly interestingly to enhance them.

  63. suvidha says:

    the explanation is nice & understandable

  64. suvidha says:

    it really helps me to concentrate

  65. suvidha says:

    my mind is roaming and i am getting thoughts about my home when i am solving problems what to do?

    • Nabha Cosley says:

      Hi Suvidha, this reminds me of what Jesus said,

      “Therefore if you are presenting your offering at the altar, and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your offering there before the altar and go; first be reconciled to your brother, and then come and present your offering…”

      Essentially he was talking about being distracted from the task at hand, which in that case was worship. In your case it is “solving problems,” which I guess is an office job or some kind, or perhaps homework if you are a student?

      If there are problems at home, you can do something that actors sometimes do when they come to performances. (Actors, of course, have to concentrate very intently while they are performing.) They say to themselves, “Everything else from today–everything at home, at work, all of the problems I have–I’m going to leave behind for now.” You could do something similar, perhaps even a little mental ritual that helps convince your subconscious that you are stepping into a new space.

      Give it a try–and remember that concentration is like a muscle: the more you strengthen it, especially through practices like meditation, the easier it will be to focus.

  66. Elaya says:

    Hi, I am doing Ph.D in Physics. I cant able to concentrate on my research activities. Daily I wasted all the time through internet. Of course non subject related things. The major part of the research is paper publishing, but I failed for that more than 3 years. Even I didn’t tried also, because of afraid. Can you please suggest some tips for me to concentrate on my research activities more effectively.


  67. Venkatesh K says:

    It gives useful msg 2 me… thanq

  68. V L Rajesh says:

    Very Nice to learn good things while concentration of new things.

  69. rahul sharma says:

    hello i am n 9th class and after 45 days i have exam but my will power and concentration is zero so plz tell me what to do plz rply very fast becoz my exam has come close

  70. ernest says:

    wow…it is funny how brain works.

  71. santha kumar says:

    very good site. Thanks

  72. sowmya says:

    hello sir i has been preparing for bank exams but i
    am not concentrating that much on my studies bcz of lack of confidence what shd i do to get rid of confusion at the time of exam.

    • Nabha Cosley says:

      Dear Sowmya, thank you for writing. Sorry to hear that you aren’t feeling confident about your exams. I could be wrong, but it sounds like you’re asking, “How can I have the curry without having to cook the curry?” In the West we have an expression, “God helps those who help themselves.”

      My suggestion for you is to diligently apply yourself and study. Ignore negative feelings that sap your motivation, and set aside a certain amount of time each day to study. It will be hard, but you should find yourself gaining some confidence.

      Even Paramhansa Yogananda, who passed tests mentioned in Autobiography of a Yogi through miraculous means, still had to study some. But you could follow his example and pray before studying, that you may be completely prepared for your exams. Nothing good in life comes without effort.

      Joy to you!

  73. nidhi chaudhary says:

    I am not able to concentrate on my studies. Please suggest something.

  74. Basavaraj Sunkad says:

    I required how to improve concentration & mind sharp

  75. Bidyut k Deka says:

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  76. rakshitha says:

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  77. Shabnam Patel says:

    Actullay my exams are near but my mind was not ready for study so what i have to do…

  78. sandeep kakkar says:

    It’s good, specially 9 and 10 nos.
    If u can send few simple techniques on my mail id, I would be gratefull

  79. sunil kumar says:

    i go to read my mind is not concentrate.when i talk to any person my mind is not concentrate.always negative thoughat produce in my mind.sometimes i forgat the remember word.please help me sir.

    i am a final year Btech student.i am a 21 years old.

  80. A.GIRIDHAR says:

    more detail note would be a lot helpful

  81. Mayank kelkar says:

    Hello sir I need ur guidance on concentration but also on stress managment or pressure that I always bearing with me always ……. I am engineering 2nd year student I feel pressure of my parents or financial stress, or fear of being failed… on me how I can manage it….. Help me

  82. ajinkya rajput says:

    nice information about concentration

  83. Anand Nair says:

    When ever i study for a day or two it will be in my mind. but after it i just dont remember anything. I listen music, i go for walk i try my best to increase concentration. But i am not able to do it.

  84. Meena Kiri says:

    There are bunches of vitamins and supplements available that can help with memory and fixation. The most fundamental would be a decent Vitamin-B Complex, which is really shoddy and you can discover them anyplace. Likewise, in case you’re taking a multivitamin, they accompany a full collection of B Vitamins (in the event that you are not officially on a multivitamin that future a decent place to begin). These can be found in fluid or container structure. I incline toward the cases as they are simpler to take and don’t smell. You can discover them at health sustenance stores.

    Past that, you can investigate particular individual fixings like Ginkgo or Ginseng or Impertinence. These items can be found all alone at health sustenance stores, or inside ‘brain products’ or ‘Baba Ramdev Products’. The following is a rundown of the most prevalent/ best-surveyed items for memory, consideration, and centering:

  85. raja says:

    I can’t concentrate through out my day as my thinking was always on sex when I see any activity before me I m sexually attracted i don’t know why i just can’t help that out what can i do to overcome this mental depression

  86. sharon says:

    Thank you sooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. sharon says:

    thank you for those tips on how to increase concentration on one thing.
    I will surely try to practice them.

  88. sharon says:

    i have tried few of these but the others i will try. during meditation also my mind thinks of various other things.
    so what should i think of when i am meditating?

  89. marc sherwin says:

    I am very interested bout ur article pls email me thank you and more power

  90. jyothi says:

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  94. shehaq says:

    you guys are doing really a great job by helping people in such aspects especially students like me for whom these tips can be the ladder to success.
    i dnt know about others but these have worked for me because i really believed them and today nothing can take my concentration away from my studies
    thanks a million.
    and i even request to give me some source to be connected to you for more suggestions

  95. Matt Murrell says:

    Great tips! I especially agree with #9 and #10. Meditation and breathing exercises are two great ways to increase concentration.

    I recently wrote an article that lists 9 ways you can increase focus. Check it out:

  96. anonymous says:

    helped me a lot
    thank u

  97. ayush says:

    how can i increase concentration on studying if i start studying many things come in my mind please give me a solution.

  98. Zoya khan says:

    I liked these tips and i feel they r very effective

  99. Sudhansu says:

    worthy doing really requires huge patience

  100. AJITA says:

    How can I concentrate for meditation. My mind is always diverting in external sources such as normal voice of family members and their activities.

  101. Rashmi Hirematt says:

    Try the Headspace app. For all normal folks like us who find it difficult to keep mind blank even for ten seconds, this one is a perfect deal :)


  102. thembelihle says:

    I realy need to learn how to concentrate,I just can’t study over an hour,my mind just wonders and think about something else that’s irrelavant to my studies and this makes it hard for me.

  103. Sanjaya Rath says:

    Meditation is possible only at young age or it can be helpful even after fourties?

  104. alexis says:

    well I know meditation is the strongest way and yoga but im not interested I have a hard time focusing and im a 5th grader so there is a lot of noise so I don’t know how to concentrate can you help me

  105. Aarush says:

    How to improve concentration was asked…!!!

  106. Akshat Pandey says:

    It is a good thing

  107. satyabrata naik says:

    its really helpfull….

  108. abhishek says:

    well i m currently in class 12 .earlier in previous classes i had no prob regarding concenteration but here in class 12 sometimes i found it difficult to concenterate ..
    random thaughts from movies and previous experiences come to my mind .. sometimes i felt so bad about my this habbit ..
    sir ,any suggestions for me that could improve my concenteration …..????? .i will be really thankfull ti u

  109. Bhanupratap singh yadav says:

    This is very useful & golden words

  110. sagar kamthe says:

    i study though i can’t remember
    I forgot all next day

  111. bhavani says:

    Very nice tips to increase concentration

  112. Swati says:

    Whenever I try to do something like reading a book or doing studies, I found myself making plan for the next thing which I have to do or start thinking about the other things, and I lost concentration on what I am doing at the present. How do I improve on it. Please reply

  113. Raheel Bhamjee says:

    I have to show who the author of this article is for a school asignment. please state who it is. thank you so much

  114. Srinivasrao says:

    I am not able to contrate but simply dream as if I am rich and posted on big job but actually I don’t do job/

  115. Stranger says:

    Sir,I am a student and I need your help.I am not able to concentrate on my studies.I get lost in daydreams and is not able to come out of them.I speak wrong words like yesterday I was telling my father that this girl is girlfriend of that boy.But I spoke boyfriend instead of girlfriend. I speak many wrong words in a day.I think of right word in mind but speak wrong word.I forget things very much like my mom said me to turn on the motor which was downstairs.I went down and just came back upstairs without turning it on.My heart beat is mostly fast.I don’t know why? Please help me.

    • Nabha Cosley says:

      You want to improve, and of course that is the first and most important step to changing things. For some of these things, like your heartbeat especially, I would definitely suggest seeing a medical expert / doctor.

      Beyond that, it seems like becoming more centered — less fast-paced, more peaceful, more calm — would help you, and a daily meditation is the best way to become more like that.

      Think of it like “spiritual hygiene.” We brush our teeth and take a shower every day (probably), to keep ourselves clean and healthy. Meditation is for mental and spiritual health, and even five minutes of it each day is helpful. (But 10 or 15 minutes would be even better.)

      You can learn a simple meditation technique here in just a few minutes.

  116. Abhash Kumar says:

    I have very low concentration power.I cant listen actively when someone speaks or when i speak to someone.I see someone eyes pls help.


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