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Meditation and Yoga Retreats

the Exanding Light Retreat in CaliforniaExpanding Light Retreat


Retreats are a wonderful way to recharge your spiritual life. Even a weekend spent in uplifting surroundings will help invigorate your spiritual practice, promote healing, and renew your awareness of the Divine.

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United States

The Expanding Light Meditation and Yoga Retreat
At Ananda Village in California

Situated on 900 acres of California’s beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills, Expanding Light is open year-round. Learn yoga, meditation, and skills for spiritual living; take part in healing retreats, teacher training workshops, or design your own retreat itinerary to suit your needs.

Ananda Meditation Retreat
Near Ananda Village in California

Located a few miles away from Ananda Village on a secluded mountain top with sweeping views, Meditation Retreat is ideal for time of reflection, quiet, and communion with Nature.

Crystal Hermitage Guest House
At Ananda Village in California

Crystal Hermitage, with its lush gardens and breathtaking mountain views, is the home of Swami Kriyananda when he is in America, and the spiritual heart of Ananda Village. The Guest House is only steps away from one of the most beautiful and uplifting locations in Northern California.

Ananda Center at Laurelwood
Near Laurelwood, Oregon

Ananda Laurelwood is a 55 acre retreat that is filled with wildlife and the beauty of nature. It hosts a wide variety of conferences, retreats, and programs, and also allows guests to host their own conference, have a group retreat, or take a personal retreat.


Yoga and Meditation Retreat
Near Assisi, Italy

Nestled in the hills of Umbria a short drive from the birthplace of St. Francis, Ananda Europa serves as a teaching center for guests from many countries.


Ananda Pune
Near Pune

Ananda Pune is a retreat center and spiritual community situated 40 km outside of Pune. Here devotees, both monastic and families, live in harmony and work together to see Paramhansa Yogananda’s dream of World Brotherhood Communities manifest in this world.