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Fellowship In this section we we share the lessons learned over 40 years of integrating spiritual principles into our daily lives.

Spiritual Fellowship

Very often, success or failure on the spiritual path is determined by the company one keeps. To attract friends who support our highest aspirations is vitally important, as is learning to practice the presence of God when one is alone.


Money represents, quite simply, a flow of energy. As spiritual seekers, our task is to learn how to attract what we need when we need it, and to share our wealth with all.


Education For Life is the system developed at Ananda to ensure a balanced approach to child development. It emphasizes a learning process based on the child’s interests and abilities, as opposed to imposing a rigid program of prearranged lessons.

Music and the Arts

All forms of art — visual, literary and performing — have a direct impact on our consciousness. In addition to the daily spiritual practices, we regard music and the arts to be vital expressions of life at Ananda.

Health and Healing

Ananda members practice the common sense approach to healh advocated by Paramhansa Yogananda. His teachings emphasize an integration of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of human nature.

Healing Prayer Ministry

Praying for others is an integral part of one’s own well-being. Ananda supports a thriving Healing Prayer Ministry, and trains its worldwide members in Yogananda’s methods of long-distance healing.

Family Life

One of the unique aspects of Ananda is the fulfillment of Yogananda’s dream of spiritual communities where people of all walks of life, including families, can seek and find God.


Ananda sponsors regular pilgrimages to sacred places in America, India, and Europe.

Ananda Yoga

These days, most yoga studios emphasize the health benefits of yoga postures. Ananda Yoga, on the other hand, returns hatha yoga to its original purpose: a tool for spiritual growth.

Ananda Life Training

The Ananda Life Training is to give you a complete view of the teachings of Ananda Sangha, and to help guide you in your choices of what you want to learn and do.