"Thank You, God" Tithing Newsletter

Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God
January 31, 2012

Dear Friends, I remember a meeting we had here in the Sangha Office some years ago. A longtime friend related the following story: In 1981 she was living in a house in nearby Grass Valley with other devotees of Ananda. Life was very simple, a little too simple. The earnings of the average “Anandite” in…

Tithing as a Way of Attuning to the Flow of God’s Grace
January 6, 2012

Dear Friend, Here is a touching story from the life of Padre Pio. Padre Pio built a hospital in a very poor region of Southern Italy. He was acquiring donations from many wealthy and poor individuals. The donation that most touched Padre Pio was from a poor widow. The donation was a 50 lire note,…
Dave Bingham

Dave Bingham




Several years ago I began to pray sincerely about the issue of tithing.

To give a tenth of my montly income would mean I could not meet my basic bills, so I came up with a solution.

I began with a percentage I could sensibly manage, and every year I joyfully increase that percentage by a sustainable increment.

My “Day of Increase” has become a special occasion which I celebrate with Divine Mother.

I offer flowers, sing, and give thanks to Her strength and the wisdom of making small, sustainable steps.

Blessings to you,