"Thank You, God" Tithing Newsletter

The Joy of Tithing
January 17, 2013

Dear Friend, We are all faced with the challenge of constantly fine-tuning our spiritual practices to keep them inspiring, fun and joyful. Here is a note from a fellow tither that has realized through experience how to keep the spirit of joy in tithing: “Several years ago I began to pray sincerely about the issue…

It is more blessed to give than to receive
January 7, 2013

Dear Friend, It’s interesting to note that during this past year that we have been in a recession, tithing has remained strong! Those of you who are in tune with the spirit of tithing already intuitively know the secret of making your way through difficult financial times. By giving back to the source of our…
Dave Bingham

Dave Bingham




Several years ago I began to pray sincerely about the issue of tithing.

To give a tenth of my montly income would mean I could not meet my basic bills, so I came up with a solution.

I began with a percentage I could sensibly manage, and every year I joyfully increase that percentage by a sustainable increment.

My “Day of Increase” has become a special occasion which I celebrate with Divine Mother.

I offer flowers, sing, and give thanks to Her strength and the wisdom of making small, sustainable steps.

Blessings to you,