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  • Class 41

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  • Class 29: Leading Through Spirit

    Having the right spirit is more important than hard-driving production-oriented energy, which is not magnetic. It is vital that those that work under a leader share the leader’s ideals and spirit, even if they have different ways of approaching a problem.

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  • Class 28: Being an Effective Employer

    A leader can inspire people to join them by projecting uplifting consciousness, Asha says in this talk. Leaders in this sense are here to give and uplift, without letting their ego block that flow of energy.

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  • Class 27: Working with Others

    When relating to others one must connect with them in a way that is both inspiring to us as the leader and beneficial to them.

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  • Class 26: Energy

    The true substance of matter is energy. Energy comes from will power and ideas and the root of those is our consciousness. Therefore, in all that we do we need to make sure our consciousness is in tune with higher Truth.

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  • Class 25: Staying Grounded

    Asha discusses the importance of “the process” in attaining the goal. It is good to have ambitious goals, she says, but it is also necessary to know the steps one has to take to get where one wants to be.

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  • Class 24: Choosing the Right Compromises

    Compromise in itself is not bad, Asha says, because not all kinds of compromise require that we neglect our ideals. Indeed, compromise is inherent to the way we must relate in this world.

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  • Class 23: The True Nature of Money

    Spirituality and spiritual communities will thrive in a period of world economic unrest, Asha says. Swami Kriyananda’s advice on investing money involves choosing wisely by understanding the true nature of money and the delusions that come with seeking wealth.

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  • Class 22: Investing Wisely

    The planet is unbalanced by greed and we should expect a correction in the form of economic difficulties. Loss of greed will lead to gain in spirituality. Investment is not only about where we place our money but also about where our time and energy are spent.

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