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  • Class 41: The Right Use of Ego

    Lesson 26: The ego is not our nature but it is an element of who we are. Many people use their individual egoic qualities powerfully but not properly in terms of their ultimate fulfillment. The ego is only a point of view; we can learn to back out of that perspective into our source of divinity.

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  • Class 40: Creating Opportunities

    Lesson 25: This lesson takes us back to review the law of karma as it relates to creating opportunities in our life. We are encouraged to exercise right attitude, right expectations and right use of energy to move to a place of freedom where we don’t experience the waves of karma in the same way. The successful person is one who looks, and who expects opportunities to appear in his life. Swami also discusses how the right use of our voice is important in creating opportunity.

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  • Class 39: Choosing The Right Line of Work

    Lesson 24 : If we live in tune with higher principles and we put out energy in humble sincerity, there is a force that will carry us to succeed in what we do. Seek work that is expansive, that takes you from consciousness to superconsciousness not from consciousness to subconsciousness. Seek to become skillful and to serve others in whatever work you do.

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  • Class 38: God’s Place in the Business World

    Lesson 23: Asha relates stories about business practices in India that touch directly on the concept of God in the workplace but that may be only a superficial understanding of this concept. In this lesson, Swami encourages us to develop a concept of God that we can take everywhere. To bring God into the workplace means to have not so much a religious attitude as one of God awareness in all.

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  • Class 37: Dharma versus Adharma

    Lesson 22: Where there is Dharma there is an experience of bliss. In reality, bliss is the lasting success we seek. The most important decision we face in life is how to react to life’s circumstances in the highest possible way. Think of life’s circumstances as waves over which we have no control. Don’t fight or resist them, learn to surf them wisely.

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  • Class 36 : The Stages of Human Evolution (Part 2)

    Lesson 21 (Part 2): In this class, Asha describes in detail the spiritual characteristics of each stage of human development (sudra, vaisya, kshatriya, brahmin). Each stage can be characterized by attitudes we have toward life, how we seek to solve problems, how we seek bliss, etc. Although we can sometimes express characteristics of all stages, we predominately live in one stage.

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  • Class 35: The Stages of Human Evolution (Part 1)

    Lesson 21 (Part 1): In this lesson we are reminded that sooner or later true lasting success in the material world comes down to how well we relate to others. We can see in others what is within ourselves, both good and bad qualities. In order to know which way is forward on the spiritual path we must understand that there are stages of evolution in human consciousness.

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  • Class 34: Joy in Business

    Lesson 20: Conditions are always neutral. No matter how justified one feels about not being joyful, it is wrong; To choose happiness, is an inner capacity that is not subject to the situation we are in.

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  • Class 33: Talk Less, Do More

    Lesson 19: There is a place for dialogue to be simply a way of sharing vibrations to commune with others. However, one must not dissipate energy through mindless talking. The more people talk, the less energy they have for other mental activity.

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  • Class 32: Secrets of Effective Advertising

    Lesson 18: Advertising should be thought of as an opportunity to serve others by providing information customers actually want. We live in an age when spirituality requires a joyful recognition of the good things of life. Through fulfillment one is drawn toward the joy which lies beyond everything material.

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  • Class 31: The Importance of a Harmonious Environment

    Lesson 17: In this class, Asha invites listeners to evaluate whether everything one controls in the environment reflects a harmonious outlook on life (the way one dresses, the place where one lives and works, etc.). It takes discipline to make right consciousness visible.

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  • Class 30: Being a Dharmic Employee

    Lesson 16: If one’s ideals do not match those of his/her employer or the work is not inspiring, the choices are to look for a new employer, become self-employed or if the work is at least moral, to keep the position and do the work with an uplifted consciousness. It is futile to sit and wait for the world to be different than it is. One must resolve to be positive in thought and act on it.

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  • Class 29: Effectiveness as an Employer (Part 2)

    Lesson 15: Having the right spirit is more important than hard-driving production-oriented energy, which is not magnetic. It is vital that those that work under a leader share the leader’s ideals and spirit, even if they have different ways of approaching a problem.

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  • Class 28: Effectiveness as an Employer (Part 1)

    Lesson 15: A leader can inspire people to join them by projecting uplifting consciousness, Asha says in this talk. The role of leaders in this sense is to give and uplift, without letting their ego block that flow of energy.

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  • Class 27: Working with Others

    Lesson 14: When relating to others one must connect with them in a way that is both inspiring to us as the leader and beneficial to them.

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  • Class 26: Keep your feet on the ground (Part 2)

    Lesson 13: The true substance of matter is energy. Energy comes from will power and ideas and the root of those is our consciousness. Therefore, in all that we do we need to make sure our consciousness is in tune with higher Truth.

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  • Class 25: Keep your feet on the ground (Part 1)

    Lesson 13: Asha discusses the importance of “the process” in attaining the goal. It is good to have ambitious goals, she says, but it is also necessary to know the steps one has to take to get where one wants to be.

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  • Class 24: Choosing the Right Compromises

    Lesson 12: Compromise in itself is not bad, Asha says, because not all kinds of compromise require that we neglect our ideals. Indeed, compromise is inherent to the way we must relate in this world.

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  • Class 23: The True Nature of Money

    Lesson 11: Spirituality and spiritual communities will thrive in a period of world economic unrest, Asha says. Swami Kriyananda’s advice on investing money involves choosing wisely by understanding the true nature of money and the delusions that come with seeking wealth.

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  • Class 22: Investing Wisely

    Lesson 11: The planet is unbalanced by greed and we should expect a correction in the form of economic difficulties. Loss of greed will lead to gain in spirituality. Investment is not only about where we place our money but also about where our time and energy are spent.

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