Farm Apprenticeship Program

Smiling Living with Spirit participants on the Ananda Farm

Ananda Farm offers a seasonal work-exchange / tuition apprenticeship in organic farming from April – October, 2013 for two people. Experience is not as important as a deep-seated interest in sustainable agriculture.

To apply, you must be enthusiastic, hard-working, desiring to participate in an intentional cooperative community founded upon spiritual principles. While our community is based upon the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, it is not a requirement that you be a disciple of Yogananda. However, applicants should have read Autobiography of a Yogi to see if our philosophy and vibration are harmonious with their lifestyle and directions.

Apprentices will be working full time on the farm, attending group meditations, and living in a group house, or tenting, with other young adults.

Ananta and Maria McSweeney

Nayaswamis Ananta and Maria, co-directors of this program and the Ananda Farm, first learned biodynamic organic gardening in 1976.

From Co-Director Nayaswami Ananta

The main component of Ananda Farm that ties into our philosophy is sustainabliity. We’re not just taking from the earth but also feeding the soil, fostering ecosystems that are self-sustaining, and integrating the farm into the larger ecosystem.

This aspect isn’t only closely tied to our philosophy, but it adds the mystic element to our farming. This is because, in addition to science, we also commune with the plants and with the masters to guide us in our agriculture, so that we proceed in a way that is healthy for the farmers, the trees, the bees, the bugs, the water and the future of the land.

We try to teach in principle as well as in specific, so that what you learn can be applied wherever you live — you learn how to farm sustainably wherever you are on earth.

We use science and soil tests, pray and meditate, and try to understand what healthy plants on this farm need. This includes the morning meditation practice and yoga postures.

A young man smiling, in the Ananda Farm greenhouse

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To learn more, please send us your name and email, and any questions that you have about the program.

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