About Kent Williams

After retiring from the business world 13 years ago, I moved to Ananda Village where I now live and work with my wife, Sraddha, currently serving as director of Ananda Village IT Services, and a minister with Ananda Church.

I also serve on the board of directors for Sierra Family Medical and Dental Clinic and The Janaka Foundation.

In addition to serving God and Guru, I enjoy playing golf with my gurubais (especially in the nice weather), model railroading and riding my Piaggio motor scooter around the village property. My latest interest is discovering the essence of the divine in the natural world through photography.

I will write about my experiences at Ananda in everyday life, business, and IT services along with occasional events and activities in which I participate.

Occasionally I put up quotes from Paramhansa Yogananda
or Swami Kriyananda on my mini blog: Thoughts by Yogananda and Kriyananda.

A Place Called Ananda

A blog by disciples of Paramhansa Yogananda

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