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In 1984 I read the Autobiography of a Yogi.  I was deeply thrilled to read of Paramhansa Yogananda’s life and unabashedly fervent search for God.  My own inner disquietude and search for meaning was affirmed in a way that had never been so completely validated prior to reading the pages of this book.   Actual words expressed truths I felt I’d known all along in my soul.   Karma, reincarnation and finding a Christ-like guru to guide one to our Divine destiny felt completely true!


I began studying Yogananda’s teachings, learning to meditate and practice the Energization Exercises.  I looked forward to my evening meditations and time with God.  When I shared my sacred interest with a friend, he gave me The Path by Swami Kriyananda.  I literally read the book in a weekend and again was so deeply moved that I made arrangements to go to Ananda Village in August of 1985. 


As I’ve heard other souls express, Ananda immediately felt like home.  In other words I resonated with the Ananda spiritual family vibration and with Paramhansa Yogananda as my guru.  This vibration was and continues to be mine, not in the sense of it belongs to me, but I belong to, with and in it!  Swami Kriyananda is a divine friend guiding and helping me in all facets of my life with his pure example and expressions of Yogananda’s teachings.


Over the decades, my outward circumstances have changed and yet I am the same soul  serving, meditating and seeking communion with God. After being a part of the Ananda community in Seattle and graduating from Naturopathic medical school, I moved to southern Maine and started a Naturopathic healing practice in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, with my husband, Leon Hecht, III, and had a baby boy named Benjamin.  Our baby is now 18!  Over the last 19 years I have lead an Ananda meditation group which evolved into a Teaching Center and now a regional source of inspiration for other souls seeking bliss and truth.


I am happy to share how my spiritual life uplifts and inspires the roles I play as mother, wife, healer, and Ananda Center leader.   Often it isn’t easy, yet anything of true value is never easy!  Especially our soul journey to Self Realization!


Joy to you,




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