About Lorna Knox

A friend introduced Ananda, and the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda to me over 25 years ago, while I was living and working in Sacramento, California.

Not long after, I married and made my home in Portland, Oregon, too far away to make regular visits to Ananda Village. But there were other spiritual seekers in Portland, so a meditation group was formed, which gradually gained energy and became the Ananda Portland Colony.

We now have a dynamic Community, a thriving Living Wisdom School, and a beautiful Temple and Teaching Center.

I have been closely involved to every aspect of Ananda’s work in Portland, while my husband is actively involved with his own church and spiritual family. Our three children are familiar with both spiritual traditions. One day they will choose their own spiritual home.

We home-school our children. Being a wife, mom and teacher are full-time, rewarding jobs. But I also love to write, and I have 2 books published through Crystal Clarity Publishers, with more projects planned.

I also love to sing in the Ananda choir, teach Sunday School, help out at the Living Wisdom School, and use my nursing background to teach anatomy for our Yoga Teacher Training program.

My discipleship to Yogananda is the center of my complex and busy life. This constant, unchanging fact is what supports me, making all the roles I have to play possible. I look forward to sharing some of my life with you.

Joy always,


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