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My name is Peter Sanjaya Kretzmann. I was born and raised in Ananda Village and went to Ananda School (now Ananda Living Wisdom School) through eighth grade. My parents and younger brother still live in the house where I was born. My sister now lives next door to them with her husband. Since November 2007 I’ve been living at Ananda’s Meditation Retreat where I am the “Dorm Dad” for the Ananda High School Boys.

I felt from a very young age that I was a disciple of Yogananda, but discipleship did not take outward form for me until I went to India in 2004-05. I had taken the opportunity to go and serve at Ananda’s then fledgling center in Gurgaon. Since I returned to the States I have lived in Ananda Village and the nearby Meditation Retreat.

Ananda has always seemed to be home to me even when I was living elsewhere. Somehow I only had to see a little of the world to realize how much happier I was here at Ananda.

A Place Called Ananda

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