Swami Kriyananda served his Guru, Paramhansa Yogananda, with a depth of devotion and humility that inspired thousands of people throughout the world to dedicate themselves to spreading Yogananda’s universal message. Writing over 150 books, Kriyananda was tireless in his efforts to show the relevance of Yogananda’s teachings to every aspect of life, and how living by spiritual principles brings the happiness everyone is seeking.

One of Kriyananda’s greatest gifts to the world – one that brought him deep joy – is his music. He often said, “If you want to know me listen to my music.” Through music Kriyananda conveys the essence of spiritual quest: the soul’s quenchless yearning for God, the inevitable set-backs, and the deep fulfillment that awaits those who live surrendered to God’s will.

Kriyananda signed his letters, “In Divine Friendship.” Kriyananda saw God in everyone, friends and strangers alike. The friendship he offered was to their souls not their egos, and he inspired others to meet him on that level. Always loving, compassionate, and forgiving, he gave others the confidence that they, too, could overcome their limitations and realize their highest potential.

Perhaps Kriyananda’s greatest legacy to his many followers is the understanding that divine friendship transcends time and space, and that he will be with them always, continuing to guide them on their individual journeys to their home in God.

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