Spiritual Renewal Week 2009, Pt.3

Oh my. This has been an amazing week. I might be repeating myself, but I also heard it from about everyone I talked to today. I am again posting photos out of order by first putting up just a few from today’s Sunday Service.

Swamiji seemed to bound up the driveway and on to the stage to lead service and give a beautiful talk.

The choir sounded amazing, Dharmadas and Nirmala sang one of my favorite songs, O Master.

One picture shows a group of our young people at the end of a song from The Oratorio. To me the song is so incredibly powerful. It has four distinct parts and was sung so beautifully and the harmonies are so inticate. The singers, from left to right are: Peter Kretzmann, Nabha Cosley, Rose Atwell, and Ania Gorna. It usually makes me cry when I hear it and it did especially today because of their sincerity. Thank you for the devotion that you shared with us.

You can also see in that photo how smokey it is here. There is a large fire nearby (but not a threat to Ananda). There has been a heroic response from the fire fighting community. But, do pray that the fire is extinguished soon.

I am also including in this post a few random shots of some of the speakers. Everyone spoke eloquently and joyfully. We are so blessed to have such inspiration available to all of us. All the talks will (or are available) on ananda.org.

Tomorrow will post photos from the Indian Banquet. It is one of my favorite events to photograph. Bless you all and happy SRW!




Ananda’s singing angels.
Dave Warner, Kriya Minister from Ananda Village
Peter Georing from Ananda Village
Hriman from Seattle
Asha Praver from Palo Alto.
Devi Novak, co-director of Ananda Worldwide, after her inspiring talk.

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