Articles from November 2006

Today we had a sweet (sweet in Spirit! though there was also pumpkin pie) dinner at the Meditation Retreat. This was my second year here for it, and both years what I have enjoyed most is serving together with spiritual family.

This weekend at the meditation retreat we had around 50 Tibetan Buddhists as guests. It was an inspiring experience to see other truth-seekers advancing in their chosen path.

Friday Night is Pizza Night at Master’s Market in downtown Ananda Village. From 5-7 PM folks come into the market to buy slices of vegetarian pizza, beverages and other assorted market items from the Deli as well as well stocked shelves. Its growing reputation amongst our neighbors has increased business so much they have added…

Getting Started

It took me years to convince myself that I should start a blog. I don’t necessarily chase the latest technology craze and end up usually waiting for a while until the dust settles and see what remains after that. Finally about a year ago I started a blog, primarily to send news and pictures to…

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