Articles from September 2010

Surrounded by a lovely, expansive garden, willow branches swaying in the breeze and brushing against the water of a large shallow pond just behind us, we watched the couple approach. Both American, they had met while attending College in Delhi, India. The decorations were festive and Indian, and the couple, their attendents and family, had…

Guru Night in Portland

Guru night is a devotional event that takes place annually at summer’s end. Ananda Portland has the tradition of having the festivities outside, and despite our reputation for rain, there has been only one Guru Night that had to be moved due to the weather. It is a night of pilgrimage; a rare opportunity to…

The Trip to Los Angeles

This blog is a semi-live account of the Ananda Village monks’ trip to Los Angeles three weeks ago, on August 22nd, to hear Swami Kriyananda talk at a packed Ford Amphitheater.

It’s “semi-live” because I wrote the first half at about 2:30 pm. After that, I was writing more or less as-it-happens.

I hope you enjoy it.

We never will know our true potential if we don’t push ourselves past our perceived and self-made boundaries. Touching Soul Touching Soul came into being as a consequence of an inspired moment preceded by reading an excerpt of Swami Kriyananda’s Conversations with Yogananda. The excerpt told of a someone asking Yogananda if inspiration could be…

After getting off to a rather late start, this season on Ananda Farm is showering us with abundance. Ananda farm and “unpredictable weather” are one and the same. During the years 1976 – 1986 we had a frost every month of the year except for July! Ananda Farm This year, May 26th, we had a”killer…

A Place Called Ananda

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