“Find abundance in me, not in your bank account.”

Finances are tough for everyone, especially now and usually the thought is “We must save and pinch our pennies!” Now this isn’t a bad thing, in fact we should be smart with our money, but with everything on the spiritual path, the question should be, “Am I being more contractive or more expansive?” Even though we might have to create a budget and watch our money outflow, are we doing so with the attitude of fear, that our happiness and emotional well-being is tied to this? Or are we doing it because it is the practical thing to do?

In regards to my personal finances I’d think, “Ok, after this job, it will give me a nice padding of money for a while and I’ll feel more secure…” but then, as soon as I’d get it, I’d have to use it for something important, such as car repairs and it would be gone in a flash!

A few years ago I had an experience where I quickly lost $2,000 by something my bank had done. As I initially saw this, I froze and I could feel my energy tighten around my heart… but then the thought came in my head, “Offer up this emotional energy up to God!” As I did this, I could instantly feel an expansive joy in my heart. I knew that it would be ok. A few minutes later I instantly received back that same amount of money that I had lost.

What I’ve noticed time and time again is that money is always somehow there when I need it… it’s almost as if God is saying, “Find abundance in me, not in your bank account. Fully trust that I will provide for you when you need it… and I will.”
It’s a fun game trying to practice the techniques and hints that I have learned from living here at Ananda, but at the same time it’s not a game. It hits at the heart of the whole idea of the spiritual path and the search for God: Nothing in this world can give us true security, true happiness, true fulfillment…. only God can do that.

Addition: So the first draft of this blog was written about a week ago when found out that I had almost $800 in car repairs…$800 that I barely had! I took it calmly and again raised the energy up to God… The next day I received a check for $700 that I wasn’t expecting… Coincidence?

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