Many inspired and dedicated souls are, for many reasons, unable to live in Ananda communities.  So they read the website and books by Paramhansa Yogananda, Swami Kriyananda and others. They meditate. When possible many visit our communities worldwide for inspiration, renewal and spiritual satsang fellowship.Altar at Ananda Tucson

Yogananda said that “Environment is stronger than will”.  In order to create an environment around them more conducive to spiritual practice, some feel inspired to sponsor or attend a local meditation group where souls of like mind and aspiration can gather in support of each other and meditate together.  These groups often  sprout other meditation groups nearby and so it goes.  As Jesus said, “When 2 or 3 are gathered together”.  Some groups even go further and found small centers where they can gather in a more centralized location for larger and varied activities.

Such is Ananda Tucson.  Ananda Tucson Center

For many years here in Tucson, Arizona, a small group of dedicated individuals met in each others homes to meditate and discuss Yogananda’s spiritual principles.  Many have visited and some have lived at Ananda village at one time or another.  The greater Tucson area is very geographically widespread with 2 current active meditation groups thriving through weekly meditations, one on the East side and one on the West with travel time being over an hour between. And now, thanks to some very committed souls, the Ananda community in Tucson is growing with a real physical center closer to the middle on the north side. Divider between kitchen and meeting room

Countless hours of selfless effort and numerous weekend work parties has resulted in the creation of a beautiful, peaceful harbor and spiritual center for those Tucsonians and their friends.  This small unassuming house in middle an older neighborhood on a relatively busy street, was purchased and has been remodeled in order to provide a large meeting area with open kitchen for gatherings, a small meditation room and even guest quarters. The house also came with a prized second lot in the back, which can be used for off street parking.  Landscaping is just being added to provide garden areas in both front and back for everyone.img_0254.JPG

It is easily identified from the street by a spiritual eye painted on the mailbox out front.

Now they can call themselves “Ananda Tucson” with a center that can support many additional activities such as study groups and special events can be held for larger groups.  Last weekend, Sraddha and I led Sunday Service followed by a satsang with everyone complete with a feast provided by volunteers.

It’s not just the physical place, but the spirit of all involved who create this blessed experience for all in the coming years. This can happen anywhere and has in many locations.  All it takes a vision along with dedicated group of cooperative individuals willing say, “God is the Doer here” then channel their time and energy into making it happen.

As every Ananda community worldwide has experienced early in their lives, this is a humble beginning for Ananda Tucson.  Who knows what Divine Mother has in store for its future.

Thank you Ananda Tucson for your deep commitment and love of God!

A Place Called Ananda

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