11-11-11 — an obviously auspicious day for writing a blog. May all sentient and non-sentient creatures be blessed with inner and outer peace today and always. 

I was/am amazed at the number of favorable responses to my last blog, wherein I told the story of my husband’s broken leg and how we are working our way through that challenge together. 

Sudarshan is much better now, though still not well enough to be able to get back to work. It’s a slow process, but there is, with God and Gurus’ grace, forward progress and healing happening, with every passing day. Thanks to all for your concern and your prayers. 

Today, I want to write about BLAME. Whom should I (or you) blame when things go wrong in our lives? I picked this subject because, aside from the great challenge of a badly injured husband, I have also been experiencing numerous other incidents of what I would have to call “difficult karma,” during the past month or two. 

I am noticing how much I seem to want to blame some person or persons, some situation, or SOMETHING outside myself for the “bad things” that are happening to me. 

I know better! But the impulse is so strong — have you ever noticed it in yourself? “Why did this have to happen to me? Why is this happening to me? Whose fault is this? I’m sure I’ve done nothing at all to deserve this difficult test!” 

Swami Kriyananda gave us the answer in his wonderful “Vow of Superconscious Living,” which he wrote as a part of the original Superconscious Living Seminars, back in the late 70’s and early 80’s. 

It goes like this:

I vow from this day forth,
To be true to my higher, Superconscious Self.
To be a channel of light,
Of blessing and love to all
To live in joy, not sorrow;
In truth, not error;
In victory, not failure
To blame no one in adversity but myself,
And then, instead of blame,
To accept responsibility,
With God’s help,
For changing myself.

See that important line? “… To blame no one in adversity but myself…”  Yikes, do I have to? 

Well, yes, we know, or should know, that the law of karma is exact. Whatever is happening to us is a direct result of our own past actions. If someone is “persecuting me” then this is the natural effect of something I did to him or her, probably in a recent lifetime — maybe even in this one! Things are simply trying to balance themselves out. Perfect peace and harmony are trying to be re-established. 

And we must NEVER forget the rest of the words in this Vow: “… and then instead of blame, to accept responsibility, with God’s help, for changing myself.” 

That’s the ticket! Karma is going to come, until we are free of it (“O Happy Day!”). But in the meantime, difficult karma is a super tool for getting us to look at ourselves and change ourselves! In this way we speed up our spiritual progress. 

Granted, difficult karma can feel pretty icky! Probably the ickier it feels, the more we need to look at it carefully and learn from it. Still, sometimes it feels impossible to deal with effectively! What to do then? 

Go on to these words in the Vow: “… with God’s help…” You don’t have to do it alone! You probably can’t anyway, if the karma is bad enough. But help is available at all times. Ask for it! 

This is what I am doing right now and it’s working pretty well. It isn’t over yet, and I’m still learning many valuable lessons from this time in my life, for which I am grateful! After all, life is a school. Yogananda tells us that the purpose of everything in our lives is “to instruct and to entertain.” 

So Savitri, “Who ‘ya gonna blame???” You know, I think I’ll just let go of this blame-thing altogether for the next few hours, give it all back to God, and live in the LIGHT of my own inevitable perfection. Wow, it feels really great just typing those words. Jai Guru! 

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