Debi Mukherjee, a young monk from India, told me of an example he had seen of the universality of Masters life. Master had invited him out for a drive one afternoon. They were on their way home, near sundown.

Stop the car! Master cried suddenly. They parked by the curb. He got out and walked back several doors to a small, rather shoddy-looking variety shop. There, to Debis astonishment, he selected a number of items, none of them useful. What on earth can he want with all that junk? Devi marveled. At the front counter the owner, an elderly woman, added up the price. When Master paid it, she burst into tears.

I very badly needed just this sum of money today! she cried. Its near closing time and Id almost given up hope of getting it. Bless you, Sir. God Himself must have sent you to me in my hour of need!

Masters quiet smile alone betrayed his knowledge of her difficulty. He offered no word of explanation. The purchases, as Devi had suspected, served no practical purpose thereafter.

-from The Path, by Kriyananda

Dear Swamiji,

It was with these words that I fell in love with Master. In my heart, I will always be grateful to you for bringing me to my guru. Master bless you for all you have done. Happy Birthday!

Love from the Dunwoodys

Barbara, Brook and Bailey

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