Dear Swamiji, Happy Birthday!

May you experience the deepest joy this year. Your valiant journey through this life, the unceasing way you serve God and Masters work, your adherence to truth and dharma and utter devotion to finding God, has directly touched our lives as no other. We are eternally grateful for the inspiration, support, friendship, and love that we have received knowing you. The greatest gift we could hope to give you would be to serve with the same humble spirit of selflessness, ever-mindedness and cheerfulness that we have seen demonstrated through you. W

We pray that the Heart of hearts be behind our every thought, word, and action throughout our lives at this blessed pilgrimage spot called Ananda. god bless you Swamiji and may your every living moment be filled with the silent whisperings of our most Beloved, ever beckoning you to your eternal Home. May we (soon!) be one in the light some day.

With deepest love and respect,

Peter and Mandala Skillman

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