Prices and Accommodation

Tent / RV

Tent camping is available on varied campsites. Camping has moved closer to the shower houses and main buildings.

RVs are welcome year-round, but we do not have RV facilities or hookups. 

Meals are included for Tenters and RVers. Tent spaces DO NOT include facilities for cooking or picnicking. We are in fire country. No campfires are allowed. Tenters cannot use candles, kerosene lamps, or anything with an open flame.

Because of animals, food is not allowed in the tenting area. We have a refrigerator on an outside deck behind our kitchen, which is available for use by guests.

Standard Rooms - Private and Shared

Serenity House is an inn-style house with twelve air-conditioned rooms and four hall bathrooms. Most rooms have twin beds, bedside table, wardrobe, heater and A/C unit.

It has a comfortable lounge/classroom equipped with a video player, library of inspirational videos and a small refrigerator for personal items.

Deluxe Rooms - Private and Shared

Each room has a private entrance, a private bathroom, a desk, air conditioning, a ceiling fan, and a hairdryer.

Harmony House is dedicated to expressing Yogananda’s expansive approach to religion and his belief in celebrating God through beauty. Simply and elegantly appointed, each room is decorated in the theme of one of the great world religions.