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Breathing Technique Basics (Pranayama)

Breathing Technique for More Energy & Less Tension (Pranayama)

Breathing Technique to Reduce Stress, Nervousness and Anxiety (Pranayama)

Breathing Technique to Relieve Depression (Pranayama)

Breathing Technique for Healing Emotions (Pranayama)

Breathing Technique for Overcoming Insomnia (Pranayama)

Breathing Technique for Improving Concentration (Pranayama)

Breathing Technique for Spiritual Power (Pranayama)

Better Breathing in Meditation & Pranayama with Nayaswami Gyandev

The Energization Exercises of Paramhansa Yogananda

Asana Affirmations

Each yoga posture is paired with its own affirmation, which one practices silently while in the posture. The affirmation is designed to reinforce the posture’s natural effect on one’s state of consciousness, bringing the mind actively and directly into one’s practice.

Cobra Pose

“I rise joyfully to meet each new opportunity. ”

Head-to-the-Knee Pose

“Left and right and all around—life’s harmonies are mine.”

Corpse Pose

“Bones, muscles, movement I surrender now;
anxiety, elation and depression, churning
thoughts—all these I give into the hands of peace.”

Virabhadrasana II
Warrior Pose II

“I joyfully manifest the power of God!”

Gate Pose

“Waves of joy surge upward in my spine.”

Triangle Pose

“Energy and joy flood my body cells! Joy descends to me!”

Viparita Karani
Simple Inverted Pose

“Awake, my sleeping powers, awake!”

Tree Pose

“I am calm, I am poised.”

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The resources below will help you explore the many facets of Ananda Yoga, which was developed by Swami Kriyananda, based on the teachings of his guru, Paramhansa Yogananda, author of the spiritual classic, Autobiography of a Yogi

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