How can I counteract life’s disappointments?


Material things cannot be owned by anyone, for at death they must be left behind and given to others. We are only allowed the use of things. It is foolish to be attached to material things. You should pray only to be given the use of things you genuinely need and, if necessary, to be given the power to create at will whatever you need. Even a millionaire must leave his wealth at the call of death.

Even if you owned the entire earth, you would be fraught with sorrows because at the time of death, the delusion of its being wrested from you would torture your soul. To die of a broken heart and enter the grave with unfulfilled desires is very foolish. You must learn to see your life as a motion picture playing in this earthly “movie house.” This picture house of earth can never give you the perfect happiness of Spirit.

The only way to combat earthly disappointments of prosperity, fame, or happiness is not to feel sad when you are denied something you think you should have.

You might think, “My desires are conditioned by my needs.” That is true, but I am speaking of the greater freedom of mind and soul. When you achieve God Consciousness, you have everything even though you have no material possessions. The person who finds God owns the cosmos and, owning the cosmos, he owns everything in it.

Jesus knew he was one with the Father. That is why he could do things most mortals cannot do. When Jesus said, “Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the son of man hath not where to lay his head,” he was not bemoaning his poverty. Rather, he was saying that as the owner of the cosmos, he could not remain caged in a small place as most earthly creatures do.

Jesus also said, instead of seeking the things of the world, “seek ye first the Kingdom of God” (the entire cosmos) and all these things (happiness, wisdom, and prosperity) shall be added unto you, even without your prayer. Be like Jesus, who was rich with God while owning nothing material.

This earth is a place of mirth, a pleasure house for immortals. We must remember that we are immortal and that our real home is in the mansion of changeless, ever-new, blissful, omnipresent immortality. We are eternally God’s children, whether naughty or good, but when we forget that our home is the kingdom of God and become attached to the earthly shows, we make ourselves miserable.

There is one thing you will never tire of either in this life or throughout eternity, and that is the ever-new joy experienced in God-contact. Joy which is always the same may cause boredom, but joy which is ever-new and continuous will fulfill you forever. Such joy can be found only in deep meditation.

Do not desire to be a millionaire. Instead, spend your time in longer, deeper daily meditation, which is the quickest way to become Christ-like. To strive for God-contact in meditation is pure joy. You will be happy when you meditate, and you will be even happier when you meet God, the King of ever-new happiness.

From Inner Culture, October 1941.