A Blessing from “The Answer” Movie


I saw the film, The Answer, after which I got a vision of Mahavtar Babaji in my dream. Could this be a blessing from Kriyanandaji? Did all direct disciples of Yoganandaji have his blessings? Has SRF and Ananda Sangha colloborated on any occasion?

—Niraj, India


Dear Niraj, We are very glad you enjoyed seeing the film The Answer, and thank you very much for letting us know about the vision of Babaji, which you received after seeing it. Yes, I would say that this blessing could very well be Babaji’s blessing to you, through Kriyanandaji.

I could not say if every direct disciple of Yoganandaji have had his blessings, but I would guess that it is true! I have read their writings and met many of them, who definitely and often mention the extremely great blessings he gave and continues to give to all his direct disciples. I never met him in person, myself and therefore, cannot be called his “direct disciple,” but I have been his faithful disciple for over 45 years. I certainly can say I receive his blessings almost constantly, and the blessings of Babaji and our other Gurus, also.

I, too, have seen the film, and look forward to seeing it again and again, once it is released in video format. It’s one of the finest and most inspiring movies I’ve ever seen, especially in the powerful ways it depicts the love of a disciple for his Guru and vise versa.

No, Ananda and SRF remain separate organizations. That is SRF’s choice and preference, at least at this time. We always hope and pray for harmony in the future and perhaps collaboration, too.