Allowing Meditation to Work


I cannot concentrate on my meditation. Please help.

—Sudershan, India


If meditation is going to do what it’s supposed to, we need to be able to create the time for it and give it our full attention. Recognizing that we need help is an important step.

Start with regularity. Choose a time in the morning and evening and stick to it.

Decide on an amount of time that you are going to meditate: five minutes, 15 minutes, etc. Make a commitment to this and follow through. Being successful from the start will support you, so consider the above realistically.

Make a commitment to a meditation technique. If it is a technique that is new to you, decide that you are going to try it for a month. Try to apply yourself deeply to the practice.

Pray to God asking for help in your efforts of concentration.

Relax in your body and mind. Relaxation supports deep concentration. Do not be quick to judge your progress. Do the technique with an open, sincere heart as an offering upwards to the Divine.

Obtain and read How To Meditate by John Novak. This will be of great help to you. Inspiration is a key impetus to developing a practice of meditation that has lasting power.

I wish you the best. Meditation will make a beautiful difference in your life.

Joy to you,
Nayaswami Maria