Ananda in the Midwest, USA


I follow this site and the colony sites very closely and love the support and resources available. I am curious - why does Ananda primarily exist on the West Coast? I am in the Midwest and there are many followers of Yogananda here that could benefit from the teachings in person. Are there any plans to expand?

In Master's blessings,


—Peter, USA


Dear Peter,

Ananda exists wherever there are a sufficient number of devotees who want to join together for spiritual company (satsang).

But it isn’t that Ananda as an organization determines where we have such groups; rather, it comes from a natural development among sincere devotees (such as you!) coming together with other like-minded souls and growing in magnetism.

Currently Ananda does have a number of meditation groups in the Midwest. We also have our Ananda ministers on the road offering various classes and workshops. And we typically have an annual fall Midwest retreat weekend with visiting Ananda ministers.

Please email us at for contact information regarding these groups and for information about the Midwest retreat.

In divine friendship,
Nayaswami Pranaba