Anxiety Attacks Are Not Caused by Meditation


I have experienced some rather negative side effects, since I have started meditating. I have a great deal more anxiety, and feel more negative in general. I am very sensitive to everyone and everything. I have had an anxiety attack, less ability to concentrate or focus. I have read that this could be a result of a kundalini opening. I would like to experience all the wonderful things associated with meditation. How do I correct this? Please Help.

—Liz, Canada


Dear Liz,

Thank you for writing.

The practice of meditation is not the cause of your anxiety attacks. I suspect it has simply helped to uncover an underlying medical condition that was there already, but that you were too distracted before to notice.

Meditation makes us calmer and more aware, thus helping hidden problems come to the surface. This is a good thing, because now we can deal with them appropriately.

I urge you to seek professional help right away. There are many treatments available these days for the symptoms you describe. Don’t despair!

If you get proper medical help AND continue your meditation practice, in time you will surely experience the heightened states of consciousness we all seek.

Good luck and God bless you.

Nayaswami Maria (Warner)