AUM Sound Disappeared


Hello Swami, Good day. Today during my morning meditation, I heard a strong 'OM' sound with heavy vibration in my ears. When I focused on the 'OM' sound it disappeared. Swami, please let me know what I should do if I hear again during meditation. Thank you. Sreeni

—sreeni, UAE


Dear Sreeni, Sometimes when, during meditation, we focus our minds too intensely on hearing the AUM or seeing the light at the spiritual eye, the sound or light may slip away from us. Yogananda tells us to be both focused (concentrated) and relaxed at the same time.

This takes some practice, but keep trying and praying for help from your Guru always. When you hear the AUM sound again during meditation, pause briefly and pray for guidance, then relax completely and let the sound absorb you into it. It is a very blissful and inspiring state of consciousness in which to be. Try to think as little as possible and just BE. Let the love of your heart and your attunement to God and Guru be your guide.

Are you practicing the AUM techinque as Yogananda taught it? If so, it might be good for you to review carefully the details of how to do it well. If not, we’d suggest that you learn it soon!

Never be anxious about what happens or does not happen in meditation. Simply meditate daily and let whatever happens, happen. Respond with a grateful spirit for whatever comes, and all will be well.