How Can I Be Freed of This Difficult Karma?


I am a devotee and have been on the path for four years, I have been facing some difficult karma for a long time, and now I really want to be free from it. I also feel that when I practice meditation very regularly, something happens which pulls me down. Please help. Thank you.

—Seema gupta, India


Dear Seema,

For most human beings, for long as we are alive in human bodies, we can be sure that we always have karma, difficult or not, to work through. Being a devotee of this path is an extremely fortunate blessing, for it offers us the right tools and techniques to clear away all our karma efficiently and relatively quickly.

It does take some time (often many years of persistent effort and a lot of energy). However, throughout the process, it is important to remember that you have a God-realized Guru to help you. Constantly call on your Guru (and all our line of Gurus). And keep meditating regularly, without fail.

That “something” which is pulling you down when you meditate is your ego, not wanting to let go and let you be free in your soul and in God’s love. Your ego and the forces of delusion will fight against you as you continue to strive to be a devotee. Fight back! This will help you to become stronger. Never give up. It’s worth it! I will pray for you.