Can We Fix the Past?


I wonder about the concept we have about going back in time to fix something; would things really have gone another way? Physics now tells us that life is not fluid, but more like a frozen river and it would be possible to go back in time. I realize it may not be in our best interest, for we can drive ourselves mad, but it is such a human tendency. What do Masters say about this, if anything? Live life to the fullest in the present, learn from the past and look onward to the future?

—Kay, US


Dear Kay,

I know why your question was sent to me. I have long been a fan of science fiction and especially anything about traveling through time. I even wrote a short novel recently called Through Many Lives, in which I describe a character who learns to time-travel.

We are told by the great masters of our path that time and space are not real – they are part of delusion. But they also say that in higher ages (many years in our past or future) time travel was and will be again possible. So if it is possible, I assume it has been done and will be done. Why not? Sounds like fun!

But to go back in time “to fix something,” I suspect this would not be possible, because of the law of karma. Still, who knows? As far as I know, your question was not addressed by our Gurus specifically (and i did make a VERY thorough study of all their teachings in preparation for writing my novel).

And yes you are right about “…living life to the fullest, etc.” Life is a school and we learn our lessons through many lives we graduate and merge back into oneness with God.

In the meantime, I’d like to recommend two of our excellent books on this ever-fascinating subject. The Yugas by Selbie/Steinmetz and The Time Tunnel by Swami Kriyananda.