Not Happy with My Job


I am in late twenties and have just started a career. But i am not happy with my specially because it requires a lot of hours of strenuous thinking.

I would be more happy with a job which requires less mental and more physically involving job. Basically i just want to pursue a career which aligns with my interests and hobbies. Since it is not possible to elaborate each and every detail i request you to please help me through counseling in person or may be online counseling. Please do reply.

—Abhishek Chhetry, India


Dear Abhishek,

Thank you for your note. As you are still (relatively) young and have just begun your career, I think it’s important not to overreact to difficulties and challenges. Life is filled with challenges. What you face now could be preparation for life to come. The great teacher, Paramhansa Yogananda, is quoted saying “A comfortable life is not a victorious life.”

You are at a stage in life were building the “muscle” of willpower, fortitude, even-mindedness, and cheerfulness is vital to your long-term happiness and growth. Energy is the key: if faced with difficulties, you seek to lower your energy and find only comfort, then this pattern will enter the grooves of your brain and subconscious mind as the proper response to life’s difficulties.

If instead you “gird your loins” (to quote a Biblical phrase!) and take on the challenge of your career and job, you will grow in strength, willpower, and self-confidence.

I recall, as a young accountant, after college, being tied in knots emotionally trying to do my work and to do it well. I look back and I chuckle because what I was up against seems so simple to me now. But if I had quit and looked for something easier I would have fallen into the “slippery slope” downhill into mediocrity and failure.

Don’t give up. You CAN do it! Do your best with joy and confidence, born of your soul’s royal power to conquer all difficulties! Call upon God and guru to infuse your heart with courage and with joy! If this job is not yours, Divine Mother will see to it that it something else comes along. But don’t give up just yet.

Try this affirmation:

Within me lies the energy to accomplish all that I will to do. Behind my every act is God’s infinite power.

If you would like to get more support, we have several centers in India that you could get in touch with and visit. You can search to see if there’s one near you here.

Joy and blessings of success upon all that you do,

Nayaswami Hriman