Corrupting Relationships


Please help!

I had been in a relationship with a man who is a very powerful negative magnet. He keeps talking very very dirty and does that with multiple women at the same time. I didn’t understand initially as he pretended to be decent, but after I came to know it took some time for me to break off.

I had a pure mind and consciousness before this, but though I have broken off, I keep having dirty fantasies now which lowers my mood. His company has corrupted my mind.

Please help to get out of it.

—Rohini Biswas, India


Dear Rohini,

Here are a few suggestions to help you uplift and cleanse your consciousness:

1. Daily, set time for your spiritual practices-sadhana. Read the scriptures, practice yoga and meditation. Practice affirmations and Japa, and think of God as much as you can during the day. After meditation, try to consciously emanate peaceful vibrations outward from your heart to your environment. Remember: Where the light is, darkness cannot enter.

2. Avoid dwelling on negative thoughts about this man. Instead think of God.

3. Repeat this mantra, which helps dissolve negative energy, during the day: “AUM hreeng kleeng Krishnaya namaha.”

4. As much as possible, stay in the vibration of AUM, the highest vibration in creation. Nothing can touch you when you are in the consciousness of this vibration, or even if you chant AUM deeply at the spiritual eye. Write AUM three times with your right thumb on your pillow when you go to bed, and feel as you go to sleep that you are resting in AUM.

Paramhansa Yogananda’s book: How to Have Courage, Calmness and Confidence can help you.

Your vigilence and sincere efforts to connect with God and the light, will gradually cleanse you and dispell all darkness.

Joy to you,